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I have several loans out with various payday lending companies. One of them has been taking 60 out of my account every two weeks for probably about 4 or 5 months now since I have been falling farther and farther behind and have not been able to pay off the original 200 balance. It is from emerald marketing. I have no number for them and there isn't one one my bank statement either. I am just curious as to how that works in Michigan and if they owe me money as they have taken out about 3 times my original principle from me just from interest.

Look into your state laws and know the legit charges on pdls. Perhaps, they have charged you on interests alone. You still need to pay the principal amount if that's the law in your state. Here is their address.

Emerald Marketing Group LLC.
1489 Warm Springs Rd. Suite 110
Henderson, NV 89014
Phone Number 1-800-496-8958

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Johnson4485 Johnson4485

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If you have been paying them $60.00 every two weeks for 4 or 5 months you have paid more than you borrowed.

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Roadwarrior Roadwarrior

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I was in a mess as well..
After responding to some emails, I have found $60.
pulled out of my account last week with no phone # only Emerald Marketing...NO IDEA who they even are..

do you by chance have an email address for them???
still trying to see if I've even received any money FROM this place/ when/ and if so...HOW MUCH !!


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Johnson has listed their contact information above but no e-mail address. You may try contacting them first to see how to settle your situation. Kim, you can check your paydayloan laws at Just look up your state and this will give you a brief description of the laws in your state. I'm not sure if Michigan allows rollovers or not but you need to take that money into consideration when settling your account. Ohio does not allow rollover/extension fees so this helped settle some of my accounts pretty quickly, especially with the amount of money I paid to some of these companies. Good luck to you both :-)

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Cow & Chicken Cow & Chicken

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Hi All,

I have delt with Emerald Marketing. Along with other pay day lenders. I must say Emerald Marketing was the easiest. I sent them one letter requesting that my account be marked paid in full along with how much I had already paid. However I had never missed a payment. I got a reply the same day stating that my account will be marked paid in full. They havent bothered my accounts since. I am still fighting with a lot more of pay day loans. I dont know if it will be as easy for you but its worth a shot.

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vanessab782003 vanessab782003

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here are two guys at Emerald email addresses hope this helps.

Jesse Corum
Collection Department Manager
Emerald Marketing Group LLC
7:30 AM - 4:00 PM CST
1-800-496-8958 ext. 104 Toll Free
1-800-496-3079 Toll Free Fax

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vanessab782003 vanessab782003

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