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Midland Credit Management Inc affecting credit report: Help!!

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Ok....Going through my Experian currently..
I have TWO entries from midland credit management...Both for the same account/number.
One of them says, "Unable to locate individual 1/11/06-1/11/06", They have not tried to contact me! Not by telephone, or mail.
The second one is also from 6/05
I made a payment last summer, and it is not reflected.
Has anyone had to deal with midland credit mgmt people? What does this mean? Should one of these be removed??? Also each account of Midland Credit Management Inc has a different office address...I've been dealing with a guy in Missouri??

Okay, you need to go on line to Experian and dispute this, tell them they have the same account listed twice. If they are in fact the same account, as you said it is, they should remove one.
?? Its weird but I am dealing with midland credit management in a round about way. I don't really understand it. It was a fingerhut account of my husbands. It went into charge off mode, then last summer we heard from a collection agency on it and we are currently making payments on it through the collection agency. BUT collection agency doesn't list it as being 'fingerhut', they list it as midland credit mgmt being their client. So apparently, midland took on the account from fingerhut and now CA is collecting for midland. I addressed this in the forum once, I asked could a collection agency collect for a collection agency. which seems to me what is going on here in my situation.

Also each account of Midland Credit Management Inc has a different office address...I've been dealing with a guy in Missouri??
I don't understand why they don't have the same address as each other, if thats what you meant. But its not uncommon to have a few different addresses for the same debt. For example, Home depot has several and so does wells fargo. You might have been dealing with a payment office and the address listed on the credit report is the corp office. so the address being different from the place you send the payments to, doesn't really mean anything. But now, the two having different addresses from each other, I don't know about that. YOu definitely need to approach the credit bureau about these reportings and also, if you're up to it, give Midland a phone call and ask them about it. Or, if you don't want to deal with them over the phone. write them a letter.
maybe someone else here has some better advice, I'm just telling you what I would do if it were me. shirley

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imkimssister imkimssister

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I entered in a dispute with midland credit mgmt, so we'll see what happens. I'm also going to call the guy that took my payment and see what he has to say. I'll have to do that tomorrow because my paperwork is at home.

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Jessi Jessi

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Here is the address to contact Midland Credit Management:
midland credit management
5775 Roscoe Ct
San Diego, CA 92123-1356

Place a dispute in writing with Midland Credit Mgmt also. They will verify your accounts and report the bureaus accordingly. You might need copies of your payment receipt to prove the payment being done.
You can tailor this letter according to your specific needs and send it to Midland Credit Management Inc through certified mail/return receipt requested.

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david david

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I will definately send that out first thing tomorrow to midland credit management.

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Jessi Jessi

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I have recently recived a copy of my credit report. Now I have to go around and find out who all these people are. I have never heard of Midland credit mgmt. Further more the Date open spot on my report shows 6/1/2005... I was In Iraq and couldn't have bought anything. So If there is any information that you all might need to figure out what is going on please E-mail me back thank you
Sam Shea
E-mail address removed for your safety--Jessi

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Midland Credit Management is a collection agency. Does it tell you what the original creditor is??

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Jessi Jessi

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You need to dispute with the credit bureau if you see an incorrect entry in your file. Disputed item can hurt your credit scoring. Write a letter to the credit bureau for verification on this account.

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Gretchin Gretchin

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dispute with the credit bureau, online dispute is waste of time, write a letter and mail it certfified, and wait for the results. This way you can nail midland credit management

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I'm dealing with midland credit management collection agency who took over my Southwestern Bell account from almost 6 years ago. The account was supposed to be closed but apparently my roommate kept it going. My issue is, Midland was able to find me a few months ago, why not a few years since it seems as though its been in collection since 2002 or so.

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AmyH, find out if the account is still within the SOL period. I guess the date of last activity must be past the SOL period. If this is the case, you can use your legal rights whether to pay to Midland Credit Management Inc for the account or not. Whatever you decide, if it's a legitimate one, it will be reported in your credit copy until the FCRA allows reporting negative information.

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Flying Cats Flying Cats

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