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Another Ghost from the past resurfaces

Submitted by LCW on Fri, 04/11/2014 - 19:21
Posts: 1151

Hello everybody. it has been a while since I have been very active. its great to see some old friend, as well as others who have picked up the torch! Congrats to all the "new" moderators.

I have changed jobs and locations (twice) and gotten my financial situation in much better shape. There may be at least one more change coming in the next year or so if things work out (same company, just a now job back in New Mexico, where I would rather be.)

I am helping out a friend who had a question about dealing with Chexsystems. Since I have never had the "pleasure" of dealing with them, the first thing I thought of was DebtCC. Sure enough within a few minutes, I was able to find the answer I was looking for.

This community has always been a place where people can get good advice and support while getting their financial affairs in order, and a place to go where you aren't beaten down, but offered a helping hand!

I am going to try and be more active again, the last couple years have been extremely busy, but hopefully things are getting to a state of "normal".