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I want to consolidate my two credit cards into one low monthly payment. I put a lot of my college summer classes and books on my Chase credit card. I used my other credit card for my pets surgery, medical bills, and follow up visits. I have a few other credit cards with small amounts on them and will have them paid off in a few months. I'm mostly worried about my two large credit cards. I hope you can help me!

Welcome to the forums. :D You have made the right choice by signing up with us. A counselor from your area will be contacting you shortly to discuss your options. While you are waiting for the call, please browse through the forums. You will find alot of interesting information here.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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Hi Alenda, I found consolidation quite helpful while I was unable to manage my credit card debts. I was able to combine all my credit card debts into one singly payment. The interest rates that I was paying to the creditors were sky high. If that would have continued for another couple of months since I was doing the minimum payments only, I surely would have defaulted on my accounts. I included them in the consolidation plan and got lower interest rates. I can afford the monthly payments without much financial stress. You should also discuss your accounts with the consultant and know about your options. Things will become pretty good for you, I bet. :)

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Christina Christina

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I'm currently trying to get all of my credit card debt combined into 1 payment. but I'm not sure if I'm able to do so. Do I need a home to use the equity? Because I have no equity whatsoever. Please help.


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