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I am looking for assistance to get back on my feet

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I am looking for assistance to get back on my feet. Most importantly is my house which i have been at for almost 2 years now, I have missed payments on and it is in foreclosure. The letter I received states I need to pay almost $4,000 in the next 10 days to save me from owing the entire amount that I do. I hope this is clear. Also, I have other credit cards (2) that need to be paid off also. Probably totaling under $10,000. I would like to know what to do at your soonest convenience. Thank you. I work alot of hours so may not answer my phone but please call and leave me a message. I hope this is enough information. Hope to hear something soon.
Deanna Hudson.

Deanna---you have registered so you will receive a call from a debt counselor. The message boards here are to ask questions, answer questions and discuss financial matters, such as debt and credit. Be prepared with the same information you posted above, along with statements, etc. when the debt counselor contacts you. Good Luck!

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Lorri Lorri
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HMMMM - too bad I have my own children that I need to do this for. I hope no one responds to Namirimu Enid Carol - it is a scam.

To get back to the real question - DeAnna, have you tried to contact your bank. Maybe they are willing to work with you if you show them that you want to make good on this. Is it a local bank?? Do they know you at this bank?? I would at least call and ask. The worst they can say is no. Same with the credit cards, call them up and maybe they will put you on a hardship program. Lower interest rates, lower payments, not charge you late fees, etc... Sometimes it is better to be honest and keep the lines of communication open. Just a few suggestions.

Keep us posted on how things are going.

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spatterson_40 spatterson_40

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spatterson_40 this was an old post revived from 2006 for the purpose of spam. :lol: Just sayin! :D

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oh sorry didn't pay attention to the dates.

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