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I was advised by my children to get a copy of my credit report since I had been in a Physical Rehab Center for over 1 year. I finally gave in and saw things that I never heard of and knew about. I have over 549 items on the three reports. I have been able to file id theft reports with over 50 police departments. I have filed also with the Federal Government. I have found out I have over 120 judgements against me in 30 states. I have had to get my cousin, an attorney, to tell me what to write and who to send it to. I have been successful in getting 80 judgements taken off by proving to them that it was not me. It has taken me over 1 year to get this far. I never believed it could happen to someone who had credit that was not that good. I have learned my lesson and have become very educated in the process you have to go thru. Any assistance from anyone I take.

I am so sorry that happened to you--and 120 judgements is absolutely amazing! Do you know how it happened? Was your wallet stolen? Did someone steal your SSN? I have heard of people making up SSN's and having them belong to someone else.
I would also check with your local police dept and make sure that there are no warrants out for your arrest.

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I was amazed to learn that when I purchsed a car in Arizona someone in the credit office was gaining access to different information. I realized this is one place where it started. One Collection agency gave me all of their information including address, telephone numbers and actually signed contracts. With this I was able to really dig in and accomplish quite a lot.

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