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After I found my wife was having an affair, we got a divorce. I was upset and didn't work for about 6 weeks. After I returned to work, they demoted me from my high paying position into a spot making much less. After a month I lost my job, and went almost two months wihout work. Checks bounced, payments are behind, and everyone is about to take legal action. I now have a full time job and want to just get back on my feet.

I am sorry to hear what you have been through. There are a lot of people here who have been through similar situations. You will find this a totally non judgmental site. Now that you are back to work have you tried to contact your creditors to make arrangements? When you signed up for this sight you should have requested free counseling. If you did someone will contact you to explore your options? The good thing is that you are working again. When I went through separation and divorce when I was younger I behaved in a totally irrational manor for a long time. Drinking and and trying desparately to find a replacement for the woman I lost. I lost my job too back then. It can be pitiful, I know!

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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I am sad on what happened with you. But see the positive side of life. Now that the sad part is over, enjoy your life and take care of your responsibilities. God is kind by giving you a new job in a short time. Once again, you can devote your time into work and forget the past. Good luck!

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Steg Steg

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Welcome to he board. I am sorry to hear all that you have gone through. I am sure everyone here can help give you some support and encouraging words.
Good luck getting back on your feet!

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surveygrrrl surveygrrrl

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There is no greater force on this planet than the force of a man determined to rise. Do not lose hope that your place in this world is awaiting you. I know how hard debt can be, I once followed an armored car around town, learning its stops, to maybe snag a bag and run. I thought of killing myself. But this is LIFE! This is the only one we have! Debt is not you, you are not debt. Your decency as a person keeps you tied to it because you feel it is your obligation. You are simply YOU, not debt. Do not end a beautiful life in this endlessly amazing world due to debt. Pay what you can, live every moment. Life is passing you by, that is a debt you can never get back. Enjoy life, keep your chin up, and eventually a star will whap you right in the forehead. Mine did, it took a whole year of terrifying misery, but it is here. Let me tell you, once it arrives, life begins anew! Hang in there!

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I am glad that you are back to work and wanting to get everything straightened out. Things will start looking better as each day passes. Follow nittany1979's advice.


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ladybug ladybug

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seems like this is all your guys got to learn to thin logically rather then make irrational decisons

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kijm and who are you to make that judgment? That's what I thought. :x

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Shazzers Shazzers
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shazz that drivel should have been deleted,the loser was responding to a year old post. :roll:

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paulmergel paulmergel
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