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this company is very illegal and please investigate them.we paid them in full and they dont send any letter to i have other debt collect send us 1800 4111332 and 516 932 1400 600 w john street.hicksville,ny.please investigate them.NFS National financial systems,inc.


Welcome to the forums! Could you please share you story about this company. The more information you can provide, the more the consumers will know about this company.


Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 02/02/2006 - 08:59

Teleport Teleport

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my husband paid this account in full and he gave a check by mistake and they try to collect this check many times,my husband told them that he dont owne nothing to them and they put his check many times.i have proof.they never send a letter to us that we pay them in full and already i just received a letter from other debt collector here.this account is with citycorp visa and is in my name,but my husband paid because he uses and i dont have no more accounts with him,because he is mentally ill,lives in ssa disability and my job is onLY TAKE CAREof HIM.THIS IS A VERY OLD ACCOUNT of 90 and he pays it .He calls citi bank and told them he finish with this account and they send other debt collect after us, for 435.56 . the credit file may 28,1998 citibank visa 4128002143565583-5-91account closed by credit grantor.last activity in account5-95.i just look this credit file equifax of 1998 and said:previous payment visa 3 times 60 days late,12 times 90+days late.previous status;10/96-r5;08/96-r4.account closed by credit grantor.ventus send paper here for 435.56 and account number is247643 and i just received a letter from collectcorp with account 4128002143565583 for435.56.i just need to research more papers and i think is a very illegal transation here.i'm really ...and one time i told the man in the phone (martin)fromNFS NATIONAL FINANCIAL,INC THAT MY HUSBAND WAS BLIND AND MENTALLY ILL AND HE SAID:-"ARE YOU JOCKING tANIA?AND I ANSWER NOW;nO, I'M NOT JOCKING MARTIN AND I GO TO GET YOU AND ALL debt collectors THAT ARE DOING MONKEY BUSINESS WITH THE HELP OF MY GUARDIAN ANGELS OF debt consolidation CARE!

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No one can legally force you to pay a past SOL debt. Tania, please check your state laws regarding SOL.

Sub: #3 posted on Thu, 02/02/2006 - 15:36

stanley stanley

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MY husband gave nfs more than 1500 hundred dollars and close this account past day he call them and gave a check by mistake and they put this check so many times (2 months) and he was telling them was a mistake.after the mistake they create a new account for him of 435.56 .i feel sorry for my husband because he has fallen in the nest of the most terribles serpents and they want to eat him alive and eat all his disability check.thanks is not enough to thanks all people of debt consolidation care.i'm sure GOD blesses this forum .amen

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citibank-customer service center pobox6500 sioux falls,sd 57117 6500.
dear tania alvarez-january 30,2005-ACCOUNT NUMBER 41280022*********.we recently mailed a letter to you incorrctelly indicating that we have reported or may report negative about this account in the credit bureaus.this letter sent in error.we want to assure you that we are not reporting any information,negative or otherwise ,about this account to the credit bureaus.we apologise for any inconvinience or concern we may have caused.S.L,,,,, customer service federal regulationsthe statement printed on the reverse side.I'm sorry with excuse and i just want to say it"s not my fault.i want the big fish take the little fish to the court because seems until now everything is base in the law and little fish is only a little fish.

Account number edited for your personal safety - Vikas

Sub: #5 posted on Fri, 02/03/2006 - 06:48


CHECK 795 AMOUNT of 435.56 date 6-01-05 stop payment action and check 795 deposit again june 3-2005 notice of insuffient?unavailable funds and waived for citibank and they NFS ,inc( NATIONAL financiaL servicE) DEPOSIT more times this check that was a mistake.if my husband gave a stop in this check how many days a stop payment is valid?is not his fault when bad people try to robber him .i only gave him the wrong telephone number by mistake and this mess was in my husband cheking account in citbank and believe me i can proof .this account was paid in full and this people needs to be stopped because they are not good people.2 gangs try to robber my husband in the same time and nobody get the money, ltd wrong number.operation unable to complete.SOS debt consolidation care guardian angels.

Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 02/03/2006 - 10:16


77OO SOUTHLAND BLVD,ORLANDO FL 1800-411 1332 and fax 1407-850 0042.
hicsville,ny 600w.john st PO BOX 9013 ny 11632 or hicksville ny 11802-9041 and telephones;1800-5682733,1516 9328828,1516-9321400.The paper they send me only has NY addresses and i live in miami florida.very stranger people.

Sub: #7 posted on Fri, 02/03/2006 - 16:25


CHECK 795 FOR 435,56 can not be found or trace no more. many people try to cash check 795 and get 435.56,but the owner of this check only gets 599 dollars a month in ssa check.national financial systems,inc tries to deposit this mistake check in my husband account many times and oooops!!!terrible mistake and them to all bad debt collectors,i have a warning:VENTUS capital services GO TO VENUS with account 2475643???!! for 435.56 AND COLLECTCORP GO to ask citicorp where is 435,56 is hidding?I'm sure citicorp and NFS dont deserve to be in business and because this they have to stick together.VENTUS CAPITAL SERVICES FAKE THE ACCOUNT NUMBER because....................

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national financial systems ,inc and citibank doing monkey business.i just have all the papers here and im not blind.

Sub: #9 posted on Sun, 02/05/2006 - 08:50


this check 739 -date 5-12-05 of 150,00 stop payment request (letter).check 739-5-20-2005 insufficient funds returned and 30 dollars fee for my husband by citybank (LETTER).the check serial number was 739.the date 5-07-05. .the amount was 150,00 dollars.the payee was national financial.the reason was accordance of instrucions of 6-02 -05(it is a lie)i have a first letter here that said in accordance with the stop payment instructions you provided us with on 5-12-05,the following iten has been returned unpaid.i have to check all the checks of citibank .the check 795 of 456.35 6-01-2005 stop payment and check 799* after the check 795 in the statement for 225,00.i see check 795 and check 799*6-02 and i dont find for who you pay with the check 799*.my husband is telling all the time. some people are robbing him and many times i dont put attention,but after ltd,nfs and citybank and others bad PEOPLE i see my husband is right and this cannot continue and this forum has been my best friend because i know i m not more alone because this wonderful forum.i'm crying because my husband has been abused and he only gets 599,00 a month.he is a person blind and mentally ill.if my family dont help me with money our lives will be miserable.i dont know how this people can sleep and live every day with so many sins.i just dont understand.authorized transfer-6-01 ssa288,00 and authorized transfer6-03 social security 311,00 and check 795 of-6-01-05 and returned check for 435.56 and check 799 for 225,00 and i dont find the check799*.i dont know what to do.please help me debt consolidation and i think what all these people are doing a really illegal transaction here.

Sub: #10 posted on Sun, 02/05/2006 - 11:03


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