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Some of you know that I had signed up with Oak View Law Group(OVLG) back in March 2008. I then opted out in May 2008-deciding to do it on my own. I dealt with 2 right away that were harassing me-Paycheck Today/ACA Recovery and Payday Loan Yes by the ACH Processers way and also ACA Recovery I have recorded messages that violated fdcpa(I have a lawyer I want to go see but have not had the money as of yet they have a consultation charge)-have not heard from them.
Now my question is I have not heard from the following: Magnum Cash Advance, Impact Cash, Platinum B Services, and VC Funding and out of these 4 remaining I only morally owe Impact Cash borrowed $300(pd back $180) I still owe $180 and VC Funding I borrowed $300(pd back $90) I still owe $300. Do I wait for them to contact me? I just feel like it is the calm before the storm. I really wish I had never signed up with any company and dealt head on with them-I should have listened to Kash.

What state are you in? The reason why I ask is that we need to look at your state statutes to find out if these co's are legally loaning money out. Are any of these internets? I believe that they are by the names I recognize.

Morally you should pay back any money that you borrowed and the reasonable fees that are associated with them.

Please provide this information and we can assist you further.

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