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I received a call from Phoenix debt management a Ms. Bradford, they state they have 4 of my internet PDL's however she stated they could not provide a debt validation that that would have to come from they internet companies. I have another account with them and I was told that these other 4 were sent back to ASI so I contacted ASI and sent them a debt validation letter today. Anyways Ms. Bradford stated that if I don't give her my bank information today in like an hour for a settlement that they are going to send a wage assignment to my employer by way of the sheriff. I'm confused as to what to do..can you please help me

Thank you

dear guest iam not an expert in this matter but i have ben dealing with pdm as well. they can be diffcult to say least. they tried telling me the same crap about sending the sheriff and contacting my employer. they cant send the sheriff after you . they might try to send a wage assingment to your employer. first contact pdm revoke thier right to attach your wages.fax it & send certified letter to pdm as well . i will try to find address & fax #. also send a d/v letter. keep copies of everything you send. also contact your employer & let them know. i work for a state university they told me they only enforce court ordered garnishments they told me tell them to take thier wage assignments stickem where the sun dont shine. so i called them back at pdm told them excatly that but i was much more rude. hang in there im sure someone with more knowledge will be along.

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mrthumper68 mrthumper68

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I've dealt with them before.....they tried to have me pay the loan plus interest,in my state loans are illegal be careful and I wouldn't give them a dime unless they validate the debt and they had to settle for the remainder of the principle.

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You need to send these pdl's and PDM a wage assignment revocation letter. Wage assignments can be revoked at any time! Just send all of them an email, and through USPS (certified return receipt), the following:

-I hereby revoke any and all wage assignments I may or may not have signed with your company.
-I revoke any further ACH transaction by your company.
-Inform them you do not want them to contact you by any other means except, US mail or email.

Show a copy of this to your employer (payroll), and any wage assignment request will be rejected.


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Shazzers Shazzers
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Oh thank you so much guys. I did the DV letter to PDM and to AIS. Thank goddness I'm the HR at my office so I'm not going to do anything with the wage assignment for myself LOL. But I should definatly send one to each of these PDLs right?


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Yes, definitely send one to each PDL.

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