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Hi everyone!

I have been reading the boards for the past couple of days and think I have gotten the general idea, and want to make sure I am right. This is a great help, and you guys are awesome, with all the advice and support!

OK, I am from PA. Have a nightmare 8 loans...closed out my checking account, have a new one. One of the companies is willing to set up payment arragements already, I am happy about that.

Below is the list of the loans I have, the amount, the estimate of what I have paid, and contact info. I only have addresses for 2 of them. Is there a place that lists all the companies and their addresses?

WorldWide Cash $289 ( $89) 800-440-5869 (DE)
2207 Concord Pike #449
Wilmington DE 19803

Cash Transfer Centers $566 ( this year, have paid them over $800 in interest, I'm sure)

Level 8 Suite Plaza Commercial Centre
Bisazza Street
Sliema SLM 15 Malta 866-285-6791

Impact Cash $515 ( Over $1000 in interest)
Phone #801-494-3525

Your Cash Bank $780 ( over $1000 in interest)

Phone #888-257-7524 ( I think they are out of Utah??)

Total Lending $195 ( paid part of it off, interst is over $700 this year)
They referred this to a collection agency

My Cash Time $520 ( over $700 in interest)
Phone #1-877-533-6500

National Cash Advance $390 (90)
866-513-6913 ( willing to make payment arrangemnts) Nevada?

Urgent Cash Advance $480 ( $300)
866-333-7430 ( North Carolina?)

OK, first I need to get addresses, then I send the C and D letters? I am correct with the information, that even though PDL are illegal in PA (my state), I go by the rules of the state that issued them? Then I contact each of those state's BBB and FCPA? Send a certified letter, then what?

The payment arrangements I made with National Cash, do I send money order? I shouldn't give my new checking info, correct?

Cash Transfer Centers is the worst. Derek Adams has called my family and friends, leaves threatening messages, and is so rude.
Once the letters go out, do they have to stop calling family too? If I request our contact is by email and mail?

Then I send my payroll department the revocation of the wage assignment letters for each loan, correct?

Do I contact my state BBB also?

One of the loans said that I would have to pay $780 for a $200 loan if it went to this correct?

Sorry for all the questions...any and all advice is welcome, this is my weekend project to get this done, so I can concentrate on work again, and not have a knot in my stomache all day, waiting for an 800# call.
I realize I got myself into this mess, and I will get myself out, I just need time to do it.

Thanks again!


To tackle these scum pdls, you should read the following: -

You are only obligated to pay back the principal amount you borrowed from an unlicensed/illegal Internet Payday Lender.

What should you do?
Close your account asap, if you are unable to close your account, go into your bank and ask to speak with the Branch Manager, tell him/her you need a hard debit block placed on your account immediately! Explain that you are revoking ACH authorizations from unlicensed/illegal companies, and have learned these companies are notorious for ignoring revocation, therefore it is important to BLOCK any withdrawal attempts on your account to protect your interest. This is your privilege, do not accept no for an answer. The following link will provide you important information regarding closing accounts. CLICK HERE

What next?
AFTER your account is secure send each pdl (the unlicensed and illegal) an email similar to THIS (please scroll down to locate letter template). Tailor this letter to your needs, and try to write it with the same basic concept in your own words. You will need to research and locate email addresses/physical addresses if you don't already have them, I suggest that you type the name of the pdl (example: "oneclickcash address") in the search box in the upper right hand corner of this forum. You may also search for addresses HERE at the Better Business Bureau.

File complaints: Most of the time, you can file a complaint online with the following, I encourage you to follow through with doing so, you will need to search the Internet for your state Attorney General's website, however, here are links to file complaints for the FTC, Online complaints: Federal Trade Commission., and the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU.

Keep in mind that you may not receive a response for days, or even weeks, or, you may receive harassing and threatening phone calls. I have found the best way to deal with this is not to respond or reply, simply hang up.

Side note: If you have paid an illegal/unlicensed payday lender above and beyond the principal amount you borrowed, it might be a good idea to demand a refund and a paid in full letter/receipt. You may or may not get one or both. It still doesn't hurt to include that tidbit in your letter.

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