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I called AIP today ( 800-274-4159 ) and spoke to a Maggie, who transfered me to her supervisor Franny.

I spoke to them about my paying 1500 on a pdl of 200 since feburay.

I was told they were governed by the laws of england.
I was very polite to the woman and told her that in my state, she needed to be licensed to do pdl's and that the company was not, nor were they abiding by the state limits. I explained that I over paid by 1200 so far and that I was not looking for a refund, but simply to have it considered PIF. I'd much rather have it stopped than to attempt to get a refund, to be honest.

She said she would call me back in a few minutes after she went through my file, so I asked her if she knew when because I had spoken to someone in my states department and informed them I would be calling AIP and was "sure they'd be reasonable" and was expected to call them back if and when I was ready to go further with my concerns.

I got a call back within ( no lie ) 50 seconds to inform me they consider it paid in full.

She did tell me that they do not charge intrest, just a processing fee ( I'm thinking this is how they trick people ).

Anyways, thanks to this forum I had enough ammo to call and state my case. I am so happy that I did not have to get loud with her....even though I was completely ready to do so! lol

Now to call the bank and give a list of names to be blocked....just in case :P

blocking names will nit be of any help. These pdls use many different akas and if they cant get money because one name is blocked the will simply goin under another name. The account should be closed.

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Maybe you should see about getting the PIF status in writing or an email sent to you stating that status just to have for your records.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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I will not close my account. Plain and simple.

I'm sure many people here think that's fine and it does no harm, but it does harm to me, my bills, my direct deposit and I simply cannot do it.

I had fraud on my checking account years ago that caused many problems that was never solved. I was lucky to even have this account.

Maybe I'm being dumb, but they already know who I was incontact with in my state. They are fully aware I was prepared to file a complaint and charges if possible. The smart thing to so with someone who just wants a PIF status is to give it to them, instead of having banks involved, FTC involved, and state attorney's involved. They know that. She knew before she even called me back that PIF status is the easiest way out of trouble.

I have not defaulted with them, nor did I give permission to take out more than the "processing fee".

I know people have trouble with them and other pdl's......I'm giving them a chance and frankly, I think it will go well. They have never been rude with me, I have never been rude with them. I have been given what I was looking for, and what they would have to grant me if the state contacted them anyways.

We'll see tomorrow. That is the date that the next amount would have been debited.

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I hope everything works out in your favor, congrats on settling this debt!!

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Shazzers Shazzers
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I'm waiting for a call back from LOANSHOPONLINE. He first told me to fax over the AZ laws, so I asked him if he wanted me to, or the gentleman from the states department to do it.

I was transfered to a supervisor and waiting on a call back.

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If I were you I woud get a live check for a while and open a new account, keeping the old one open. Once your sure all is secure go back to your old one and your direct deposit. Right now you do not know who has your routing info. If they are off shore they are untouchable. Just a word of warning!

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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I'm waiting for a call back from LOANSHOPONLINE. He first told me to fax over the AZ laws, so I asked him if he wanted me to, or the gentleman from the states department to do it.

I was transfered to a supervisor and waiting on a call back.

Oh my, those are big words, bet that shook them up a bit. :lol:

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Many have been in your position before on this forum. They are knowledgeable and can offer helpful advice.

Closing your bank account is totally on you. Many recommend this because it is the safest way of protecting your money immediately. Now you can put a block on your account against "AIP" in hopes of preventing future fraud without closing it. Be aware PDLs have many d/b/a's and could possibly try and debit your account under a diff name and diff amounts. So just be aware of that.

I would not trust an ILLEGAL company period! They say you are paid in full send letters and you think you are in the clear, but months later you have a strange withdrawl on your account. Just be careful because PDLs are infamous for doing this.

In the end you have to do what is right for you. If you trust that they will back off then go with it! We are just here to give our help and advice. Thanks and Good Luck!

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Cool_Abyss Cool_Abyss
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Hopefully everything will turn out okay. (Although I'm not feeling the warm and fuzzies about this!) It will be a hard lesson learned.

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desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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Dear Debra xxxxx

Thank you for your correspondence in regards to your account. We have received your complaint and would like to settle this matter immediately.

Please be advised that we have reviewed your account and the request to clear your balance with us. Upon approval and acceptance of the loan, you were thoroughly advised of the terms and conditions and there by agreed to them. We understand your concern as to the amount that you have paid in total. However, it is your responsibility to maintain your account and had you contacted us sooner in regards to this matter we would have been able to assist you earlier.

We will agree to close out your account with the final payments of your $90 fee that is scheduled to debit your account on August 29, 2008 and the payment of $98 to debit on September 3, 2008 that was set up per our conversation. These two payments totaling $188 is the amount requested of you to clear your balance on Loan ID 466259 and we have accepted this arrangement.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact me via email or call me at 1-800-806-9971 option 1, ext 3295.

Thank you,

Debi Farnen
Customer Service Assistant Manager

1-800-806-9971 EXT 3295
1-800-488-3481 FAX

This is my e-mail confermation from LOANSHOPONLINE.

I completely understand what everone is saying. I have been scammed by illegal debt collectors, and obviously been scammed for months by these illegal companies.

AIP is on block with my bank. The woman at BoA was very helpful when I explain the situation and also told me what would happen if they debit the account under a different name. I got all the information printed out ready to fax to their ach fraud department thingy tomorrow if AIP trys any tricks. Seeing as I never signed a contract and they are indeed illegal, she informed me they would take the state laws I fax over, contact them and press charges if they do not return the moneis.

I have every documentation I need to press bank fraud charges against both companies should they try to be sneaky, and my bank has already advised me that they will fully back me on the matter, and the department of finacial institutes is also aware and willing to do a full investigation pressing any chrages necessary with the help of the attorney general should I decide to follow through with a complaint.

These loans gone means I can actually PAY the store front ones I have and I should be pdl free by the end of the year!!

( I know you guys are concerned.......let me have my moment! :P )

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