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I am in immediate need of a way to consolidate my payday loans. Could you refer me or could you recommend someone. I didn't find an answer to my last request anywhere and I desperately need someone to contact me so I know what to do. I also need to know what the cost is to me to ask your company to help me. Please send an e-mail as my phones have been only occasionally on and off due to the very bad storm Florida had a week ago. I need to hear something so I can try to stop what's going on with the payday loans. It's critical. Thank you.

What state are you in? Can you list each loan and amounts paid? People within this forum can help you. You don't have to hire someone to consolidate your loans. You can do it with the adivce from the group and it won't cost you anything but a little work and time. First thing you should do is close your original account and open a new one but do not give out any of the new bank account to anyone. I do recommend though providing more info for the group. We've all been there and we took control back of our own funds...hang tight until someone comes along :)

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ksando44 ksando44

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Please do give us the information that ksando44 has asked for we were all in the same boat when we first came here so be rest assured that we will do everything possible to assist you.

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ladybug ladybug

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