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I have closed my account and opened a new account. Do I contact the CSO's before they try to debit my account to work out a payment arrangement or wait until they attempt to debit it? I live in Texas and I have loans with Cashnet USA, payday one, unitedcash loans, and cashnet 500.


this was what a guest said, but you should use your search engine to get some more information on the company!

That same thing happened to me but I have never used their services. Luckily, I work with a Security company who does thorough background checks regularly so when they called my job saying I had "criminal charges" against me and that I would be arressted, I knew it was a scam right away. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY. They operate from internet cafes and offshore "banks" from places like Nigeria, so they are hard to trace and that is why they violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act of the US, because they cannot be caught. They are not allowed to threaten you with things such as being arressted. Here are some things you can do-

1. Inform your bank of the situation and if possible have a banker call the company as well so your bank has a witness- (I did that with my banker and she said just by talking to them she knew they were scammers.)
2. Contact your local police department and file a police report (I did this as well just to have a paper trail of the incident.)
3. Check with your bank for identity protection (For instance, Wells Fargo offers full monitoring month to month for $6 a month with full reports sent to you.)
4. Contact your states Attorney General- they deal with scam artists and can document your incident- (Cashnet USA has been reported several times).
5. Change your account information-they are not a legitimate company, and they will most likely not be reporting to the real credit bereaus. (The people who called you are NOT legitimate bill collectors.)
6. Being that this company is notorious for scams that come from the internet, go to the FBI home page. There is a link that goes to a branch of the FBI titled IC3- (Internet Crime Investigations of the FBI). There is a form you can fill out online that is submitted to internet investigators. If they recieve enough notifications regarding one company, the chances of them being caught increases.

Just to reassure you, Cashnet USA is NOT a legitimate company. You will not be arrested- infact I called their bluff and asked what law firm would be representing them if I go to court regarding these so called "funds" and they said the Paralegal Department of France- HA! If that were the case, the actual law firm would be contacting you. Do not worry, you will not be arrested.
If you feel compelled to bring their asses down solely because they irritated you, (which is what happened to me), I'd suggest following the steps that I listed. Also, you can report them to the Better Business Beareau for violating the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, just to add icing to the cake in the event that they are a real company who just has atrocious customer service skills.
I hope this helps- good luck- and as far as their "funds"- tell them to shove it.


The following state are known to have payday loan companies acting as CSO's (Credit Service Organizations). This means they do not need to be licensed, and are generally 100% legal in what they charge.





The pdl laws don't apply to CashNetUSA in Texas because as far as I know they are operating as a CSO (Credit Service Organization). Sorry about that.

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Unitedcash loan and Cash Net 500 are not legal in texas. Those you need to determine how much you borrowed originally and how much you have paid back.

CashNet USA and Payday One - these operate as CSO's. Now, my experience with CashNetUSA is that they won't work with you until the loan actually goes to collection. Then they are willing to set up payments. They will try to tell you that you HAVE to give them an new bank account. DON'T DO IT. Tell them you will pay by moneygram or western union. I was able to get them to split it up into three payments.

Payday One I am not sure about, but I am sure someone else here has dealt with them.

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