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I have a loan with Ace Cash. I dealt with them once before when I could not make a payment and they were horrible. Like a dummy, I ended up giving in to them, went and paid it off and took it right back out again. I have just had surgery this week and there is no way I can get over there to pay this. Plus, I really do not have the money right now. The gal at the store told me she could not hold my check. I know these people are going to be nasty. Should I take a chance on not being able to pay rent and go over there and pay them or just take my chances with dealing with their collection people? Help!

Please pay your rent first, and PDL can wait! Priority is that rent not a pay day loan. If this is "Ace Cash Express" they offer a payment agreement once a year. I did that th them a while back. It splits your loan up into 4-5 qual payments. You need to call and request it. I do think you will need to go into the store to arrange this though. Best of Luck and feel better soon :)

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Cool_Abyss Cool_Abyss
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I have two loans left. One with Ace and one with Check Smart. I cannot pay either this time. I am worried sick after what I read on these sites. I could use some advice. I am freaking out here.

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