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I have spent days and hours on this site, taking notes and following instructions. I am hopefully headed toward the right direction.

To start off, I have 3 outstanding loans (all tribal) Great Plains Lending, Big Picture Loans, and Loan@Last.

I was previously living in New Jersey when I received my 8th loan from Great Plains Lending. I now reside in North Carolina. While living here, I obtained loans with BPL and Loan@Last.

I have read that both states, these types of loans are illegal.

To my point. - All 3 loans are outstanding, yet I have paid more than 3 times the amount borrowed on each. According to the posts, in both states, I am only required to pay back the original borrowed amount.

I have just emailed all three agencies and revoked ACH, using a template found here, requesting refunds for the over payments. Including the over-payment amounts for the other 7 loans I obtained from Great Plains Lending, which I highly doubt I would be getting any refund on any over-payment, (it's A LOT)

As soon as I emailed these request, I received the automatic return emails from GPL and BPL, requesting the 24 hours before someone could get to me, but yet to receive and email response from Loan@Last. I used the email on the Loan agreement, "CustomerService @###" but I am concerned they are purposely neglecting the email.

After sending the revocation/refund email, I contacted my bank "BoA". I have read the posts regarding the issues with BoA not allowing a revocation, but wanting to charge $30 for a stop payment on each transaction. Low-and-behold, that is what they are telling me as well. I need to close this account, but it is impossible.

However, I did join another bank, and my direct deposit will reflect that account only.

My questions are...

Has anyone successfully contacted Loan@Last using the customer service email address?
Has anyone successfully closed out their BoA account?
Has anyone ACTUALLY received a refund from any tribal PDL company?
My main concern is closing out the BoA account so I don't end up with hundreds of dollars in NSF's.

Thank you,

Well this isn't good.

This is the email I just received from GPL:

Dear R______
We received your request and, as you asked, have updated your email address.
Your old address:
Your new address:
If you did not initiate this request, please contact us immediately at 877-836-1506.
Thank you for your business!
Great Plains Lending

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Drmcicle Drmcicle

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It is difficult to get back money from tribal lenders. Though closing the BOA is not possible, but some people have successfully closed their account by chatting with the agent of BOA. You can find a chat option in the BOA account. Try and let me know your experience.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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