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This is a quote from letters that were sent to my pdl's from NC AG....
"It appears that your company is offering payday loans to North Carolina consumers. You should be aware that payday loans are not authorized in North Carolina. North Carolina's Consumer Finance Act, North Carolina General Statute 53-164 et.seq., regulates small consumer loans and allows a maximum interest rate of up to 36 % for licensed lenders. Further, North Carolina General Statute 53-166(d)provides that consumer loans made by out-of-state lenders to North Carolina residents can be subject to our usury laws. North Carolina General Statute 24-2.1 states that any solicitation to lend "originating outside of this State, but forwarded to and received in this State by a borrower who is a resident of this State shall be deemed to be an offer or agreement to lend in this state." Further, under that statute any communication to borrow from a North Carolina consumer to an out of state lender shall be deemed to be an acceptance to borrow in this State."

what does the above mean for me--I AM PDL FREE!!!!!! Two State AGS have VOIDED my 6 PDLS.
They must cease and desist from further collection activity on my accounts!!!!! I may never get my refunds which would of been over $2000...but to me the AGS marked my account PIF or CLOSED!!!!

Sub: #1 posted on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 08:02


Congrats on the PIF's! I am assuming from your post that you had already overpaid on them? Hopefully you will find some extra funds in your pocket as a result, but like you said, a PIF and closed account is a great thing to have.

Sub: #2 posted on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 09:15

llw1995 llw1995

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I overpaid on 4...but 2 the State of Ok AG ordered two companies to pay every cent back to me from the FIRST loan---that would result in a little of over $ loan would only be $20. One loan just folded--I owed them but I faxed them and they never even tried to debit for payment. One I owe $30 but they are now considered VOIDED!!!!

Sub: #3 posted on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 09:30


One PDL owes me just ignores me....which is fine....

Sub: #4 posted on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 09:33


Unfortunatley you probably won't see a dime from them, but at this point it is just better that they are pif IMO...good to read that good news:)

Sub: #5 posted on Sat, 06/14/2008 - 10:13

ladybug ladybug

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That is great!

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 16:45

wssu92 wssu92

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It's to bad this can't apply to Cash Call...

Sub: #7 posted on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 10:15

angell angell

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Guest - See, I (bolded) would be persistent in trying to get my $2000 back. I would call the AG office and see what they can do to help you get 'every penny' back!

Good Luck! ;)

(I hate PDL companies...they need to go away!)

Sub: #8 posted on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 12:53

desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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IMO, if they are illegal, and the contract is void, then the PDL company should not be allowed to keep anything extra.

Sub: #9 posted on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 12:54

desperatelyseekingsanity desperatelyseekingsanity

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i will not see a dime or a penny of the $2000...they are on tribal land!!!!they do what they want and the government can not do ****!My case is closed and my loans are null and void with them. AG does not want to hear from me no more about it!!!

Sub: #10 posted on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 16:37


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