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We got into significant payday debt following some financial issues about a year ago and have been in an endless crazy cycle since then. I was so relieved to find this site!

I had loans with the following:
Fireside cash
United Cash Loans
Great Plains Lending
Plain Green Loans

Fireside cash, Plain green loans, mobiloans and everest cash advance have all already sent me paid in full notices.

I'm wondering what recent experienced others have had with and payday nation since they are offshore. I searched the forum but didn't really find much about interactions with them. So far hasn't responded at all and paydaynation has said that I owe them what I owe them and that because they're in the UK they don't have to be licensed with the state. I replied to that email stating that lenders in Maine have to be licensed regardless of where their physical location is and also cited the Alliance of Online Lenders practices since their website says that they adhere to them.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Also, great plains lending says they won't debit my account anymore, but want me to pay back $513 in principal (after I've already paid them almost $2500 over the course of two loans) and offered a settlement agreement. Thoughts?

Have had no dealings with mydaydayloan and payday nation, but I am thinking you won't get a refund. No harm in trying though. Tell great plains that no more money is owed and demand a refund, not sure if you will get one from them either. Also, keep those PIF's in a safe place.

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bingonut bingonut

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Just got an email from payday nation who agreed to "write off" the balance. I'd call that a PIF.

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dochoadurrell dochoadurrell

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So would I. If not mentioned before, print and keep those PIF's in a safe place and congratulations!!:D

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bingonut bingonut

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Great Job by the way!!
Great Plains was the easy one for me!!

Plain Green still says I owe, like $537.50 - my records show with both loans I had with them I had over paid by like $1002.00 - I have not had any emails from them now for a month - the last time the replied to me was on the 15th of Oct to say that their offer of $537.50 was in place and the address to mail payments to, I was emailing them weekly until like last week. to try to get them to send me a PIF, no answers at all, other than I get the robo e-mail letting me know that they received my e-mail. I figure I will let up and email them every other week for awhile - I have the email saved in my drafts.

Cash Call/ WS - well now that is a whole different story - I have email them also every week - no email contact from them since 10/2 - other than them to mail me a debt verification that I never requested and for them to mail me a modification agreement, which I filed.. They did some how get hold of my home number - one call yesterday - no message - Google told me it was them -since it came across as Detroit, MI.. blocked that one --

The rest will all work out for you stay strong and never let them tell you differently - Remember that we are all here for you ...

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HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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