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I have a $1500 loan through AWL. I have repaid just over the $1500- I live in WV where there is a cap on interest rates- can I revoke the ACH debit to my checking? I still have 19 payments of $219 to go... I am sick over the amount of money this will end up being, I was desperate at the time and didn’t read the fine print.

You should revoke the ACH debit as soon as possible. You have already paid the principal amount. There is no need to pay more. Okay. You should have read the fine print. Anyway, they are an illegal lender. So you should only pay the principal amount.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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thank you for helpful information

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This is an illegal payday lender. So, you just need to pay the principal amount. If you have already paid the amount, then relax. Just revoke the ACH authorization.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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