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everprivatecard send me my refund x 2 which they took out of two of my bank account how they got the other bank account number i don't know and i got back my nsf fees also after me constantly e-mail them over and over until i got it. Also payday ok and payday select mark my account paid in full now i got 8 more to go payday one is also affiliated with them paycheck today i haven't heard anything from them i writing payday yes another letter one at time thanks to the forum i'm going to make it Thank guys oh i forgot imagine card send me back my 4.95.

wow, that's terrific! Congratulations, sounds like things are really going your way :D Keep it up, before you know it they'll all be gone!

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finsfan13 finsfan13
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how do i buy some time with them I owe them but i also have other bill they want all their money like now and i'm just catching up my bank account overdraft payment don't know who to pay and i'm working with letter to buy time. Some i don't hear but i know they are there

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i will find you and your address to get my money back that you took from my checking account without my permission. and i do not care, you steal from me thats like taking food off my table AND BELIEVE ME I WILL COME TO WHERE YOU ARE TO GET BACK WHAT BELONG TO ME AND MY FAMILY :t

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