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I got caught up in this stupid cycle. Something happens, take out a pdl. Take out another to cover bills, take out another to cover bills and the pdls.........and it keeps going on.

All but 2 of them are ones I applied to in person in my city.

I have come into a bit of money, but not enough to make any kind of serious dent that I NEED. I have been up calculating left and right trying to figure out how to pay them down, lower the interest and eventually pay them off one by one.
Nothing seems to add up to saving my butt by any stretch of the imagination.

It has gotten to the point where my bills WILL be affected.

I cannot close my account.
Any suggestions as to how to go about settling with non internet pdl's? Any Karma repemtion centers anyone knows of?

Hi and welcome! What state are you located in? If you haven't defaulted on these store front loans yet check and see if they are members of the CFSA. If they are you will be entitled to evoke the EPP plan (extended payment plan), but you have to ask for it because they won't offer. The EPP will let you pay off these loans in four equal payments on each of your paydays. :)

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Hello, welcome :) I know you said you cannot close your account but that might be the only way to get control of this situation (or at least a hard block on it). I know it's hard but most places will not work with you unless you default. I'm sure someone else will be around with more help.

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