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I live in Florida and I have a few Pay Loans....I followed the advice of the I am receiving a message from Bridge Lending. I also attached a copy of the letter from the Department of Financial Services of Florida with Western Sky.

Please keep in mind that Bridge Lending Services is a properly licensed tribal lending entity wholly owned by the Lac Du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin, a sovereign nation located within the United State of America, operating within the Tribe’s Reservation and governed by the Tribe’s Regulatory Authority.

As stated in your loan agreement, upon your signature and acceptance of the Loan Agreement, you entered into a Loan Agreement with a Federally Recognized American Indian Tribe and as such, the laws of the state where you reside are not applicable to this loan agreement. Bridge Lending Services is a legal tribal lending entity offering installment loans to consumers and is not violating tribal or applicable federal laws. Therefore, you are obligated to perform to the terms you agreed to under the loan agreement. Our corporate offices are in fact located in Lac du Flambeau Wisconsin, specifically 597 Peace Pipe Rd.

Please refer to the Governing Law and special note portion of your contract for detailed information. Our installment loans are intended to be short-term solutions that would be paid off within a few months. We do strive to ensure that our customers understand that we are an installment loan company and the customer has complete control of all payments and how much is paid back on their loan. No refunds will be issued since we are working within the terms of a signed loan contract.

Per the agreement you signed on 4/3/2018, you authorized us to deduct your payments from your bank account by ACH. While you may revoke ACH authorization up to 10 business days before the due date, please understand that your minimum payment is still required on your due date on 5/15/2018. Your contract with Bridge Lending Solutions specifically requires a 10 business day notice for all ACH revoke requests. If you do not wish for your required payment to process from the account on file, please call 866-572-0720 before your scheduled due date, to provide us with an alternative payment method.

Although less convenient, besides directly debiting funds from your checking account, we can accept payments by Credit Card, Debit Card, or Prepaid Card.

Please understand, if we do not receive alternative payment before your due date, a late fee may be assessed to your account.

Any advice would be helpful!!! The email has only worked so far with 1 lender.

Thank you :)

Please continue in the same thread. It becomes easier to get back to the previous details. How much have you paid in total?

Let them add late fees. Let them increase your balance to a massive amount. Let them do whatever they want. I hope you have revoked the ACH authorization by now. If you haven't, don't delay it further. Since they are tribal and illegal, the contract is null and void. You're not required to make the minimum payment also.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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They are tribal lender so they can not be authorized by the Govt. They are simply using the legal term to frighten you.
I don't know how much you have paid? Did you pay the principal amount? If yes, then revoke the ACH authorization right now. You are not liable to pay them the interest since they're the illegal lender. If they further stress you out, make a complaint against them to the State's Attorney General.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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