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brown meyers and associates.

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Hi has any one dealt with these jerks. They left a voice mail stating I returned item from my bank. I know these people are not legitimate. I googled there company. They have no real address that I can find to send a cease and desist letter. They call my phone at 813-261-1150 and want me to call them at 877-835-6310. Any advice anyone?

How do you know they are not legit? Did you have an item returned? I found a Brown Meyers in NY that is a collection agency. When you talked to them did you ask for an address to send them a DV letter?

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They have been calling me for weeks. Automated calls except for one with a real person. I returned that call. I asked for a letter to be sent in the mail. She said she would send one - still haven't gotten one several weeks later. I signed on the website of the company she sited and the site says I am in good standing.... I continue to get automated calls from them with a number to return their call which is not working. I'm about ready to file some kind of complaint on them - with who I'm not sure yet. BTW, I am in NC.

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I know for sure Ive had nothing returned to my bank. They also go go R L Copeland. After checking they are associated with Pay Day Loan Yes which is illegal in Ohio . Several people have filed complaints with the FTC and attorney generals office.

Sub: #3 posted on Mon, 05/23/2011 - 23:55

kane78902000 kane78902000

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Brown Meyers &Assoc. LLC.
636 N. French Rd Ste7
Buffalo, NY 14228

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Have filed a bbb comlaint on Brown Meyers. Next stop NC AG.

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Brown Meyers finally sent me a letter although it only had the name of the payday loan company and an amount due. I have filed a complaint with the NC attorney general's office and will be sending them a debt validation letter by certified mail this week. Waiting to see what the NC AG says.

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Have you heard any more from brown meyers yet? are they still calling you?

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kane78902000 kane78902000

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They finally sent me a letter in the mail that basically says what they think I owe and who the original owner is. I don't think they have the name right cause when I go to the website it says I am a customer in good standing!!! I did call the NC AG office this week and the gentleman there told me since PDL are illegal in NC that the worse the collection agency can do is to put something on my credit report. My credit is in the dumper anyway but if they do put something there I will dispute it. The NC AG office basically told me to ignore them.

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Which website are you going into, the PDL, Brown-Meyers, or which? If it shows you're a customer in good standing, please read it over carefully in case there's any "fine print." If not, then I'd print off a copy of it and if they send you another letter, send them a copy of the page (be sure to mark out any other personal info on the page that might be there, your e-mail addr., account #, etc). Good for you, going to your State AG office; I'd also file a complaint with your State financial regulatory agency.

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Received a letter from the NC AG yesterday that they sent to Brown Meyers. Letter told them to cease and desist from collection and to respond to them in 15 days. Hopefully, I will not hear anymore from these people.

Sub: #10 posted on Sat, 06/11/2011 - 09:46


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