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Have I overpaid or do I still owe principal on this balance? ( Tribal )

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Hello, I am a CA resident and took out an installment loan with SkyTrail cash a few months ago. It was originally for $400 and to date paying bi-weekly, I have paid back $514.14.

Well, last weekSkyTrail offered me a deal where they basically loan me more money by carrying over my remaining principal balance from the current loan. Having missed 4 days of work and been sick and stressed about money, I leapt at the chance. On 11/24 they deposited $300 into my bank account. On 12/1 they will start bi-weekly deductions of $163. My current payoff is showing about $617. I assume they’re counting they carryover of the previous loan of $400 of which of which I have already paid $514.14

Thanks to this forum, I have figured out this company is totally illegal ( as well as another one I am dealing with ) and I’m gonna stop the bleeding. I’m gonna close my bank account this week and send off my letters. The other company ( Blue Pine lending ) I already know for sure I waaaaaaay overpaid but I’m a little confused about where I stand with SkyTrail due to the ‘loan upgrade’ I recently did with them. I’m sharing with you guys some screenshots of my account information payment and balance information. Before I fire off my letter to them of ACH revocation, I want to know if and what amount of principal I still owe them.

If anyone can help I would so appreciate it!!!!!!


You have to pay $186 to the lender.

You borrowed $400 from the lender. You paid back $514. Again you borrowed $300. So your total loan amount is $700. Since you have paid $514 already, so you need to pay $186 more.

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Yes, since the lender is illegal you have to pay the principal amount you owe.

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