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can payday loans call your boss and references?

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i have 10 payday loans out. Yes! I know that was stupid. I put a block on my checking account so in 2 days none of my money will be taken from me and I will have my whole paycheck. Anyways. Should I call my lenders and tell them I can't pay? If I talk to them, can / will they call my references and boss? I can't afford that to happen and I don't want this to cost my job.

I hired pdl assistance to handle my loans but they don't start negotiations until I have some money saved so I fear that I will get my wages garnished and my references and boss will get harrassing calls on me. Someone please help me.

Your wages cannot be garnished unless the creditor sue your to the court and bring judgment against you. After they bring judgment against you, the sheriff will sent you an income execution notice which you need to reply within 20 days. Within these 20 days you may come to a repayment plan and pay off the debt. However, if you do not respond to the notice, the sheriff will serve the notice to your employer, who will garnish your wage.

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Hi sjku720,

I would suggest closing your account.

Yes, they will more than likely call your work and your references, and as often as they call you. You may wish to let your work know.

But, we can't help you much without knowing your situation. What state are you in, what are the payday loan places, are they storefront or online, the amounts borrowed, and the amounts paid and we can go from there.


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I will post all the lenders and amounts later. I am from Minnesota. Can I lose my job if these lenders contact my boss? And if I am awnsering their phone calls why would they call the refereneces and my boss.

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That depends on the policies at your work. That's why it is best to notify them yourself first.

And it depends on the payday loan company, many (if not most) of them are very bad. You can type any PDL name in the Search box at the top of this page to get all the horror stories.

I wish it weren't so, but apparently it is.


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