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I'm sort of stuck here and was wondering if there was a legit consolidation company for payday loans. I cannot shut down my checking account because I am unable to open a new one due to terrible credit and reports to Chex Systems. I've tried multiple places and even my current bank and they said that I would be denied if I closed my checking account and tried to open a new one there. My paychecks are going to pay the fees on these and I opened a new one to pay bills just this last week. I've been reading the posts and I couldn't find an answer to my problem, just basically saying which ones were legal and illegal. Here is what I have.

Ace Cash Express = $328.78
Fast ecash = $425.90 (just opened this one last week even if it is illegal I owe them $350.00)
Mobiloans = $421.25
Plain Green = $1025.10 (This one has been stopped and I am working on getting it closed. I've paid well over the principal)
Cash Central = $318.40

If there is any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I could comfortably afford paying $250-300 a month if I could just get them consolidated.

Thank you!

I don't see any of your lenders in the data base so they would all be illegal loans. So you owe principal only which you can pay back at your convience. Follow the link in my signature line for info on how to deal with them.

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