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I know that there have been many threads about Cashcall. But I have not seen anything about whether or not they are legal in Oregon.

I got a loan from Western Sky that was sold to Cashcall. They are claiming that because I received notice of the transfer and I did not respond within the 30 days (I responded in 31 days) that I am now responsible for the bill.

I know that in order for a payday loan to be legal in Oregon that the lender needs to be registered by the state. But neither Western Sky nor Cashcall are considered a payday loan. Do installment loan lenders need to be registered in Oregon in order to lend money?

Yes, I do think installment loan lenders need to be registered in Oregon. As far as I know, Western Sky is legal in Oregon. If you really owe money to Cash Call, then it is better to settle the debt.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 21:47


Every other thread about Western Sky says that they are illegal everywhere. What makes them legal in Oregon?

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