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well I am like everyone else here, and have gotten myself in trouble with payday loans, I have 5 including 1 storefront. I have payment arrangements on everyone becouse My bank account that they were debiting money from was closed by the bank. I did the right thing and called the creditors to make arrangements to pay the debt. Yesterday I recieved a call from someone with a very strong indian accent stating that there was a lawsuit against me for charges by their client for 3 criminal charges that sounded very serious, that I had a right to an attorney and that if I didnt settle this now he was going to download it to the court system and both me and my mother would be arrested for the charges. he was not being clear as to who he was calling for at first, I asked him several times if I could speak to someone else becouse his accent was very thick and I was having trouble understanding him. He never gave me to anyone else saying he was in charge of this account and if I didnt want to settle this than he would go ahead with the lawsuit. he wanted me to pay 560.00. I told him there was no way I could pay this amount. He finaly gave me the number of cash net whom he said he was calling for and for me to cal them. I called them and a different (I think) man answered who also had a very strong Indian accent, and without asking me for my name went on to tell me that they had sent me to a collection company to pay for an outstanding payday loan from them and that I had not contacted anyone to make arrangements to pay the debt. (which was a lie) He stated that he knew who I was becouse of caller ID on his phone.I told the man that I never took a loan from cash net and everyon that I did, had a payment arrangement with me and was in contact with me on a weekly basis. he didnt give a clear date just said 08, he had my e-mail address, social security number, and old bank information. I told him I didnt have the money that I didnt get paid till the next day, he said I could pay 250 tomorrow but he needed a credit or debit card info, well I told him I dont have a credit card to give him and that I would have to give him a prepaid credit card number tommorrow, ( there is no way Im giving these people my checking info) he kept insisting so I gave him a number from a prepaid card that is actually a non reloadable rebate visa card from At&t! I asked him for proof of the loan and he said I would get that after the balance was paid. he gave me a very american name and said I was to call him back with the info. Of course red flags are going off every where, so I called the number again from a different phone, this time when the guy answered he did not say the name of the company, and answered it as if he was answering it from a personal phone, when I asked who he was he then gave me an Indian name, I asked is this cashnet? he said yes yes this is cashnet! I hung up and began researching, I found several complaints for this company all along the same as mine and this website. I have printed up the state laws for payday loans for where I live, and already feel a little better. please let me know what i should do about these people.
I live in southern california, and I owe about 1000.00 in payday loans :(
thanks for any input, and sorry about the super long post!

Unless they are licensed in Calif - by law the contract is "null and void". But have to make sure they are not license. The guy calling you is just a scam and highly illegal so don't even waste your time. Most PDL's are not licensed in Calif...Who did you borrow from and how much have you paid - because if you overpaid them and they are illegal in Calif - you don't owe them another dime. Morally you should only pay back what you borrowed.

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ksando44 ksando44

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Are you speaking of Cashnet500, or CashnetUSA?

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m.lm1947 m.lm1947

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I dont know they just said cash net. they have not called me back. Im thinking of calling them, if I did borrow the money than for moral reasons I do want to pay it back. I know my rights now (thanks to this website) and I can make payment arrangements without heading to there scare tactics.

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jnmteal4 jnmteal4

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spoke too soon! the guy just called me and asked why I didnt call for the info to pay 250 on friday to stop the collection process, I told I found out he can not sue me in california and that after looking through my bank statements I have not found any deposit from cash net and if they say that I have an account with them than they need to send me proof. he said that I need to contact an attorney, I told I already did he said that he was going to send this over to his manager good luck and hung up on me!! I tried to call his call back number and it said the number was no longer available! Hmmmm... this guy also says he is some sort of a deputy!

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jnmteal4 jnmteal4

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I called the number for cashnet today ( the one who called me thursday) again they just answered how can I help you, i asked what the name of this company was, he was very reluctant and wanted my name first, I told him that as soon as he told me who I was calling since he unprofesionally answered the phone without telling the business name! he said this was a legal office, I said ok what is the name of the company, again he said what is your name, so I gave him my first name only, then i said ok so who am I calling he finally in an angry tone said this was united paralegal department. I said thank you and good bye. this company is a fraud Im sure but I still have this nagging worry in the back of my head!! :?

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I guess Im stupid the above post was from me and I didnt realize i wasnt signed in!!

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jnmteal4 jnmteal4

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Most likely this is from UnitedCash, CashNet500 or one of the many names they go under. Can you list the payday loans you have? That will help. I wouldn't worry about this one though, it's most likely an illegal company.

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julie_1972 julie_1972

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I have 4 ipdl's
Cash central
one click cash
geneva roth
Summit Group LLC
I googled cash net today and called both numbers to see if i had an account with them and they had no record of me. so I am pretty sure this is a ilegal company!!

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jnmteal4 jnmteal4

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Please dont worry about this stupid man. I got the same call from the same company. A guy simply named "Mike". He said he was downloading warrants, and that he was calling from an FBI recorded line. He even called my supervisor at work and yelled at I got off the phone and filed a complaint with BBB, FCC, and FBI since thats who they said was recording my call. This is the response I got from the FBI:

Thank you for your submission to the FBI Internet Tip Line. The particular call that you received is a scam that started in Russia in 2006. It is known as the ???????Hit Man Scam??????? and is an attempt to scam you out of money. For more information you can visit Again, the FBI did not contact you regarding any financial transactions. This is a fraudulent call and an attempt to obtain your personal identifying information.

Additionally, phone scams/telemarketing fraud should be reported to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL- FCC (1-888-835-5322).

For your information, the Internet Tip Line (ITL) was created on 9/11/01, in response to the terrorist attacks upon America. We quickly established a mechanism for the public to submit information to the FBI via the Internet, and we have thus far received over 1,500,000 tips from around the globe. Our operation is completely automated and paperless. Professional Support personnel and Special Agents review tips within minutes after they are received and set leads to FBI Field Offices or Legal Attach???? offices, as appropriate.

I havent gotten a call from him since

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