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Please help me someone. For some reason here in Florida all the laws have changed pertaining to payday loans. I have a 1,050.00 debt with Cashnet with 2 more extensions, but now they say that they will take all on August 8th because of some new law in effect since July 29. I begged them to give me two more weeks, but they said no and there is nothing I can do about it. Now the ACH will go through and can't pay my rent. What can I do, who can I see? I am suicidal. Can't sleep or eat or be at ease with this problem.

I also have Cash America but they gave me more time. Please help me.

Was this law effective when you acquired this loan? If it wasn't, then I don't see how they can do that to you. Refer to your contract, and email them the part and the date that says you have 2 more extensions, if they refuse to acknowledge it and adhere to it, then I would contact whoever governs CSO's and file a complaint. Further more, I would contact your Attorney General's office and let them know what they are trying to do to you, and explain the hardship it's going to place on you. :?

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Thanks for your reply; I took the loan out before the new law. I am going to take your advice and contact the Attorney General's Office since I already spoke to them and they absolutely refused to help me. Hopefully something can be done before Friday. I'll let you know, thanks.

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soky_torruellas soky_torruellas

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Please do as Shazz has suggested and please keep us posted.

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llw1995 llw1995

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i certainly will keep you posted. I want to be able to help someone else too. Thanks for your concern.

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soky_torruellas soky_torruellas

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Im in the same position with them here in fl. I tried to work with them with no sucess. They wanted me to pay the loan in full for 669.00 on tue. aug 5th. Told 'em i could not afford this and that i went into this loan thinking i had extra time to pay if i were to utilize all my extensions

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Someone once told me I could repay them by doing the same for another down the road. I have tried to use that philosophy in my life as well. You will do fine with this situation and your experience will help others who come after you. Good luck. Chin up. Keep us posted.

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llw1995 llw1995

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Stick in there Soky, my loan is due to pay in full on Aug.5th but i did get them to extend to my next payday which is Aug.19. I tried to get longer but they would not allow it. I still won't be able to pay 669.00 all at once.So i have been corresponding with them and letting them no that if they can't work with me, i can't work with them. Please don't be suicidal!It is NOT WORTH IT! I was going to pay them in full by sept 2nd anyway, that would have exhausted all of my extensions by then. But of course they don't want to hear That. So if they dont comply, Im simply going to close my account out, open a new one and send them a money order in the mail to Pay the debt in full. I don't know what else to do? But, i do know one thing, You hang in there, someone here will be able to help you, ok.

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neshae0407 neshae0407

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Thanks so much...I never thought that there were so many of us out there. I thought I was the only one in Florida with this problem. It even embarrasses me at work when on payday my co-workers go out to lunch and I plea that I'm full, not hungry, and all the time I am famished but can't eat cause I owe my soul to the company store. Can hardly wait to get out of this situation and sleep a little. I am hooked on sleeping aids. Thanks so much you guys, for sharing your stories with me.

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soky_torruellas soky_torruellas

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Can you guys close your bank accounts, revoke ACH authorizations, make sure that your account won't be forced back open, and then make money order payments to CashNet USA? ount.html

Obviously, they want to take all of the money now, but if you make regular payments to them, it's not too likely that they would decide to sue you. You would need to also revoke any wage assignments that you signed and give a copy to your employer.

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alias1958 alias1958

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Well, I tell you, besides this company I had two others, a total of four actually. My bank gave me a loan to get rid of two of them, advising me not to get into this type of transaction again. Now I am too embarrassed to tell them that I have cashnet. How stupid of me, right? So as far as closing account and such, I think I will call them tomorrow. Man, I cringe at the thought, but there's no other way out, right? I asked them about making payment plans, but they told me that the new "law" established here in Florida prohibited them from extending the loans anymore. That they had to get their money and from now on the only loans would be up to 500 dollars. Do you know anything about this law or where can I get this information? Because its not only Cashnet, all the loan companies are doing the same. Oh, and Cash America bought out Cashnet, so now I have two loans in the same company!!

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soky_torruellas soky_torruellas

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