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Cash Transfer Centers - Can't get out of this hole?

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I am dealing with a really hard handed pdl company called Cash Transfer Centers. I am currently in this cycle of getting the loan, paying it off and having to reloan in order to pay other bills. I have currently been paying them approx $700/month in interest and have tried going through a debt consolidation program and they refuse to even discuss a payment plan. They are to the point of calling my family members and have even sent a notice to my payroll department - this is for a loan that was due on 8/7! What are my options here? I have tried numerous times to offer them a payment plan and they get downright nasty with me - even calling me a loser and telling me I need to just pay my bills... I am at my wits end!

Cash Transfer Centers will send a wage assignment to your payroll dept so they can be paid. You need to revoke that wage assignment. I've dealt with one of their dba's which was PaydayloanAvenue and they tried that with me. Once they finally realized my payroll dept wasn't going to send them any money, they turned my defaulted loan over to a collection agency called Universal Fidelity.

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how to deal with CTC.. step one close bank account open new one step 2 (done at same time as step 2) immediately send them an email and fax revoking your authorization to electronically access all accounts and any wage assignment they may claim. Step 3 notify your payroll that you are having a contractual dispute with a company called CTC and that they may attempt to get your employer to agree to an alleged voluntary wage assignment. inform your payroll that legal written wage assignment exists and that CTC does not have your authorization. (do this in writing)

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*I tried to post this as a separate topic but it was ignored, so hopefully this will get it some attention*

Without getting into too much background...I had a pdl with CTC which is now part of my dmp. Before I officially started on my dmp, I sent a notarized revocation of wage assignment to CTC certified/return receipt. The company handling my dmp also sent these documents. After I mailed my revocation, I notified my payroll department that the wage assignment was voluntary and had been revoked and that CTC might still try to contact them.

About a week after I sent the letter, I received the card back in the mail with an illegible signature indicating it had been received by someone. Then, last week the postman left me a notice saying I had certified mail to pickup, and upon investigation I discovered this is the letter I sent to CTC marked as "Refused" ???

They continue to call me everyday, either my cell or at work. On instruction from my dmp company, I do not answer their calls. However, "Anthony" continues to leave messages. I informed my dmp company that he continues to call and they were just as confused as I was, because when they spoke to CTC they indicated that they would comply no problem and would not continue to contact me.

Last week, the messages left by "Anthony" got a little weird. He would say things like "This is regarding our discussion from yesterday" or "I need to verify some information from our earlier discussion." When I told my dmp company this, they said they didn't have any record of him calling them.

Do I assume that he's just an idiot who doesn't know the difference between a man and a woman (my debt counselor is a man, and that is the only one who he might have had a discussion with when they called him) or do I worry that he has tracked down my payroll department?

I work for the federal goverment so my payroll is nearly a separate entity, and frankly, not the brightest bulbs in the box. I honestly worry that some idiot over there will proceed wiith the wage assignment even though they were told it was revoked and normally, as a federal govt. employer, should only respond to garnishments issued by legal authorities.

I know these are two different issues...I'm just so confused. I tend to be a worrier anyway, and I really can't afford to have some idiot give CTC my entire paycheck.

*addl info* I also faxed and emailed the revocation letter to CTC

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