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Suggestion-When You Need $$$

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We're still, and will be for some time, playing catch up from getting so far behind because of the 4 PDLs we had.

A couple weeks ago we found ourselves a long way from payday and running out of groceries.

My wifes sisters was in a serious accident a while back (shes ok btw) and got a nice settlement so my wife called her sis up for a little help.

The sis said she had pretty much committed that money but she told my wife that she was once in the same boat and contacted the church for help.

So my wife called the minister and we met with him the next day. Turns out they have a fund set aside for it's members who are in desperate need. He gave us a check that covered gas/groceries until payday.

Just an idea people-do ANYTHING but get another PDL. Well, anything legal of course!


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danilewis82 danilewis82

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JT that is great! Glad it worked out for you...

Love the avatar

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