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In December, I took out 2 internet payday

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In December, I took out 2 internet payday loans from CMG Group LLC and Paragon, each for $200. They each took out $90 every two weeks from my checking account. The second time they went to withdraw, I was short and their attempts to take money out caused me to incure overdraw charges from my bank. They continued to attempt the withdrawal up to 3 times a day causing 3 more charges from my bank. As you can imagine, this spiralled out of control leaving me $1180 in the negative in my account. My only resource was to close my account. I have been receiving phone calls and emails at my work from people who say they are going to pursue a lawsuit, take me to court, prosecute me either civil or criminal because of these 2 loans if I don't pay back an ungodly amount! First- are these two companies licensed in the state of Florida. Second- can they do anything to me if I fail to pay them now. They have cost me a fortune in bank fees!

CMG Group LLC and Paragon is not licensed, they are illegal. Since you have already paid the principal amount, stop ACH authorization (automatic withdrawals from your bank) on payday loans. If they still harass you by calling at your workplace, make a complaint to your State's Attorney general.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Since they are illegal, they can't file a lawsuit against you. Plus, even if you don't pay off legal loan, it's a civil offense. It's not a crime. They can't prosecute you. Ask your employer to not entertain those calls. They can't harm you for non repayment of debt. You should ask for a refund and threaten to drag them to court if they don't do so.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Is Speedy Cash a legitimate payday loan company?

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