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I have been reading this great site for over a month now...and I must say you all are wonderful. I am struggling with my payday loans and where to go next? I have closed my checking account, but the phone calls are driving me crazy how do I get the phone calls to stop from these crazed people! They are starting to call my work and I can't take these calls since I work in a hospital! It's embarassing!
This is my terrible situation:

Credit Protection loan 625./pd. over 914.38
Geneva Roth(Loan Point USA?) 300./pd.990
CMG?(not sure who they are associated with) 250./pd over 825.
WebPayDay-300./pd 655.
Ameriloan-200./pd 180.
ACC-300./pd 300.
Impact Cash-300./pd 270.
Paychecktoday-300./pd 360.
Tremont Financial-300./pd 366.
Little Loan Shop-200./pd 180.
Internet Funding Corp-200./pd.180

Also has anyone ever used Langhorne? I have thought about using them since I just don't have time to deal with these people
but I am scared that I will fall in a trap again! I work 2 jobs and have children so my time is very limited. Any input would be great! Thanks in advance!!!

First of all what state are you in. Are these pdl's storefronts of internet? It looks as though not really knowing too much about them that you have paid them and overpaid them by a great deal. Someone will be along shortly to advise you further and post your state laws.

Hang in there you have come to the right place for advice.

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ladybug ladybug

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I'm in the same vise here in NJ. We even have two of the same PDLs. I was advised to write each of them a Cease and Desist letter, something like:


Name Of PDL

Your Name
City, State
Account #

After doing research regarding Internet payday loan laws in the State of _______, I have found that your Internet payday loans are actually illegal. I have also found the following laws to be true applying to payday loans in the State of _____ in general:

Your State Information

I hereby revoke any and all ACH authorizations with your company from debiting any of my personal accounts, per Federal law, Regulation E Section 205.10 Preauthorized transfers. I have closed my account with the XXXXXX to protect my interest in this matter, per instructions from The _____ Department of Finance. I also revoke any and all wage assignments I may or may not have signed with your company, I no longer authorize you, your company, or your affiliates to attach any part of my wages or contact my employer for your collection purposes. I have notified my employer about this matter so any attempts to do so on your part will be rejected.

I demand that any contact be made through US Postal mail or email only. I will need everything in writing to keep accurate records of all communication as per instruction from my Attorney General's Office.
I prohibit you or your affiliates to contact me via telephone at my place of employment or my home
telephone number. I also prohibit you from calling my references listed on my loan.

Due to the fact that Internet payday loans must be licensed in the state of ____ to be a legal and binding contract, your company should NOT issue loans to ____ residents at all. I am requesting that you send me your license number which enables you to offer loans to ____ residents.

The legal amount that could have been charged to my loan is the principal amount, even IF your Internet pay day loan were legal anywhere in the U.S.. I am willing to pay the principle amount of the loan only, however, this is only if you provide me with a physical address where I can send payments.

I must also inform you that I will be filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the ____ Attorney General's Office.

I expect a response from your company no later than 5 days from the above date regarding this matter. This response may only come via US Postal mail or email. No telephone contact is permitted.


Your Name
Better Business Bureau
State Attorney General
Federal Trade Commission

It's a troubling situation. Once you send the letter (and get in touch with your state BBB, AG, and others, the calls should stop. Any principal you owe should be paid by USPS with a money order.
Good luck, and you are not alone.

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Amber, The good thing is that internet pdls are prohibited in the state of KY. This means that you are only obligated to pay back what you borrowed. The not so good thing is the phone calls. About the best thing you can do is have someone ( or you can tell them, they will not recognize your voice) that you are no longer employed there. If you type Langhorn in the search box in the green bar you can read what others have written about them. The thing is, Langhorn will not stop the phone calls. They will still call and you will have to tell them to call Langhorn. The other thing is ...You have Way overpaid, overpaid or paid on 7 and are very close to having paid 4. You can do this yourself without having to pay someone to help you but it is your choice and no matter what you choose, we will help you with whatever you need.

Do you know about the private message? I am going to send you a private message. You can check this by clicking private messages under members area on the right side of the page.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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