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Hi all,

I recently had some severe financial hardships and took out some payday loans. I have tried to make payments on them, but it has come down to paying them or paying my rent. I'm trying to find out which loans are actually legal, and what my best options are for trying to deal with working out payment arrangements, as my inital contacts with all 6 companies resulted in nothing.

I live in Delaware. My loan principal amounts are: $200.00 (paid $632.00)
Cash Central: $500.00 (paid $156.25)
Advantage Cash Services: $300.00
VIP Cash: $300.00
CashNet USA: $800.00 (paid $275.42)
United Cash Loans: $300.00

Let me add that after doing some reading on this site last week, I sent out (through certified mail and fax) ACH revocation letters to all 6 lenders. Well, by message to, as they refuse to provide customers with and address or fax number. They, of course, attempted to draft my account anyway. Bank of America was wonderful, since I brought the revocation letters in with me to the bank, and BofA refunded all the charges and filed claims against the lenders. That bank account is closed, and a new one is open that none of the lenders have access to. is offshore (Ireland, according to their customer service), and I know that CashNetUSA and United Cash Loans are tribal. I know Delaware is apparently quite friendly towards payday loan companies, so my question is this: Are any of these lenders actually illegal in Delaware?

I'm not sure where you got your information but CashNetUSA isn't tribal. $200.00 (paid $632.00) ILLEGAL, they owe you $432
Cash Central: $500.00 (paid $156.25) LICENSED, work out EPP
Advantage Cash Services: $300.00 ILLEGAL
VIP Cash: $300.00 ILLEGAL
CashNet USA: $800.00 (paid $275.42) LICENSED, work out EPP
United Cash Loans: $300.00 LLEGAL

Follow the instructions in my signature link.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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1st, thank you for responding so quickly. I'm trying to remain unflustered by these companies, but it's a little overwhelming when they're blowing up my phone during the hours I'm at work demanding payment.

Ok, emailed after recieving your response and reading over the link you provided (which is excellent, btw). I sent:

"It has been brought to my attention that is an illegal lender in Delaware, and that any contract I entered in to with this company is null and void. I have to date paid $632.00 towards this loan, satisftying the $200.00 principal and overpaying by $432.00. At this time I am requesting a return email acknowledging that my loan has been paid in full. Also, I would like a refund of the $432.00 overpayment. A refund check of $432.00 should be mailed to me at the address you have on file. "

To which they replied:

"The loan is active, owed and payable and will be enforced -all payments are in complete accord with the loan contract and as such there has been no overpayment and no refund is due nor will be forthcoming. Customer Service"

Should I reply to this, or just ignore them now and wait to be contacted again in reference to the loan?

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s.levy1027 s.levy1027

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I would respond and let them know that you are forwarding your complaints to the FTC as well as the DE Attorney General's office. Reiterate that you expect acknowledgement that the account is paid in full and that you expect a full refund of the overpayment.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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"Please also note that when the loan was issued, you gave - and we verified - your home address as being in North Carolina, not Delaware. If you have moved since then, it does not change the point where you accepted the loan. We would also suggest that you take Legal advice and not base your actions on the opinions posted on unregulated websites. Customer Service"

To which I replied:

"You do realize that payday lending is illegal in North Carolina as well? I have since moved, but that is neither here nor there. Your company is unlicensed in both NC and DE, the contract is void, I have already satisfied the principal, I owe no further payment. I am owed a refund in the amount of $432.00. "

"Please refer to our previous replies, there is no overpayment nor refund due. Please note that no further replies will be made on issues already addressed. Customer Service "

To which I replied:

" I will be forwarding copies of this conversation in my complaints to the FTC, DE Attorney General's Office, and NC Attorney General's office. I expect acknowledgement that this account has been paid in full and that I expect a full refund of the overpayment."

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s.levy1027 s.levy1027

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Good for you. Sounds like you're right on track.

Your account's protected, yes?

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Yes, my bank is well aware of the situation, and that account has been closed. Now just waiting on responses from CashNetUSA and Cash Central to set up EPP, and emails back from the others concerning their illegality.

This forum is the best, I was really panicking over the situation and now feel MUCH calmer

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s.levy1027 s.levy1027

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That's what we're here for!

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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So update on the situation:

Friday morning at 7:58am I recieved a call from someone claiming to be "Attorney Chris Miller," who was calling to inform me that I was going to be sued at the Delaware Superior Court by 12:00pm. He refused to identify the company he was representing, and actually copped a huge attitude when I told him that I thought he was a scam. I've read a few posts on this forum about similar calls, and what he told me about how I was facing criminal charges for federal crimes read almost word-for-word as other posts on this forum.He then said that I could either work something out with their Restitution Officer, or he would have the sherriff's deputies outside my place of employment within the next 3 hours. I told him that he would do no such thing, hung up the phone, and went to work. Clearly, I was not arrested. has locked my account on their website, so I can't access it at all.

Set up payment plans with the two legitimate payday loan companies, who were both actually really pleasant and understanding to work with (Cash Central and CashNet USA).

Still haven't heard a peep from the others.

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s.levy1027 s.levy1027

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You will never get acknowledgement from that you're account is paid in full, nor will they send you a refund. I also sent them numerous emails and received responses that were pretty much spot on from their replies to you. After a couple of weeks my account showed as "suspended" and I've never heard from them again. Don't worry about anybody showing up at your home or work because they know darn well they are illegal and can't collect on an illegal loan! Keep reading the forum here, they have helped me settle seven pdl's!! Good luck :p

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marinemama marinemama

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I justgot done hitting my skull with a claw hammer.explains alot don't it?

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