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I have a few payday loans, but the one I am most concerned about to start with is Payday Max. I have checked the State of Kansas website and it does not look like they are licensed in Kansas. The last 2 loans I did with them were:

on 2/8/13 borrowed $2440.
Paid off on 4/29 - total payments $4032.19

Started new loan on 4/29 for $1778.99
I have made 2 payments totaling $1481.06 so far
Still have a balance of $2962.12

So to me this suggests I am legally done with them and they actually owe me around $1300. Does that sound right?

According to my calculations, you have overpaid by $1,294.26 ...almost $1300. You are legally done with them. Click on the link on how to deal with unlicensed lenders, follow every step, do not skip and register with the forum so that you will see answers to your posts. Keep us posted on your progress.

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bingonut bingonut

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Online lenders must be licensed in Kansas - I am fairly sure that Payday Max is not since they are offshore! their address is:


PaydayMax Ltd.

207-1425 Marine Drive,

West Vancouver,

British Columbia,


Follow this link on how to deal with. th-illegallende... - all steps in order... I would combine both and demand a PIF.. I see that you borrowed total of $4218.99 and it looks like repaid - $5513.25 - if these numbers are correct they would owe you a refund of $1294.26 - more than likely you will never see a refund - but you should get a PIF..

Where in KS - I am originally from Manhattan/ Salina!

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