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I am in despate need with these pay day loans.

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I am in despate need with these pay day loans. There were 4 in total (one of which i have paid off) The other three are killing me and i cant afford anything at this rate. 1 out of the three companies want even authorized as i signed no contract.

Okay. Got your point. Give us a few details to help you better. First, who are your lenders? How much do you owe to them? What state are you in? I need check if these lenders are legal in your state. I need to find out if payday loans are allowed in your state. Many factors are there. Then, comes the question of making payments. How much are you paying on interest?

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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You can approach a consolidation and/or settlement company t get rid of your remaining pdls within a certain time. Moreover, they usually have better negotiation skills to deal with payday loan lenders.
However, first of all, be sure that these payday loans are legal. If not, you only have to pay the principal amount.

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Mabelle Page Mabelle Page

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Are they legal lenders? If no, then just repay the principal amount. If they are legal, then you have to repay the principal with interest. UIn that case, you can take out a consolidation loan to repay all the loans.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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