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Help from consumer credit conselor for payday loans?

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Can a consumer credit conselor help with payday loans?

There are two agencies that members have posted that help with pay day loans. Langhorn is one, Town and Country is the other. In many cases members are able to handle their pdl issues themselves. I did with the help of the members of this site. If you want to try to do this yourself, we will help. We need you to list your state, if the pdl is storefront or internet, which companies you borrowed from, how much you borrowed from each and the total of how much you have paid back to each. If you want to research Langhorn and T and C, you can use the search box at the top right corner of the page and see what people have posted about them.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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i think they can but you need to check more throughly before deciding on a particular firm. different firms may offer different solutions. i dont know about a consumer credit counselor but if you have too many debts then you can go in for a professional debt management consultant. i guess they will be able to help you better.

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laurel188 laurel188

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I have so many loans I can not pay my monthly bills. They are depositing checks before they are suppose to and I have NSF. HELP, PLEASE!

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settlement companys can help with payday loans but most consumer credit counseling agencys wont. Due to the fact that most pay day loan companys will not accept the proposals and because most internet lenders are illegal. The loan company would have to be willing to accept the proposal from the CCCS company, if they dont accept and still keep your money it doesnt keep the loan company from trying take other actions or going after you account if you havent closed it. so you could risk double paying on loans you have already paid to much on.

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They adv that by law they can't do any wage assigments that you cant stop ..I spoke to my pay roll department unless it is an official court documnet they cant do an wage assignment which is differnt from the term garnishment as a I am finding out. this agency claims they can put a stop to them contacting you and that they may try a wage assignment thru your pay roll however it wont work due to the fact it has to be on an officail court documnet not from their letter head or calls or emails..has nay one used this pay day debt relif company?

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