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payday loans and criminal charges/license suspension

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I had taken out a few payday loans about a year or so ago. I ended up closing my bank account because I could not afford the payments anymore. I tried using Langhorne Debt Solutions but that was not working out for me either so I ended up cancelling that.

On Monday at work, I received a phone call from a "Lawal and Associates" about one of my payday loans. I tried to explain to them that I was unable to talk to them because I am a substitute teacher and had 20 first graders in my care at the time and could they please send me a letter or call me later. They said no and that they were going to file criminal charges for check fraud against me for a payday loan I did not pay. The principal for this loan was $150 with Cash First LLC. They told me that I owe over $1700 but they could get it down to $750. I ended up giving them my bank card number because as a teacher I can not have any criminal charges filed against me. They are taking $213 out of my bank account each payday for three paydays. They also made me agree on recording that if they could not get these payments, they would file criminal charges in my county against me.

Yesterday, CMG Recovery called me at work as I was trying to teach fourth graders. Again, they would not let me off the phone and told me that if I did not give my account numbers to them, my driver's license would be suspended. This was for a $350 loan with Cashnet USA. Knowing that I could not get to work if my license was suspended, I stupidly gave them my card number and am now being charged $280 a month for three months for this.

I obviously cannot afford these payments on substitute teacher pay and realize now I should have made them send me a debt validation letter. My question is, can they really do these things they threatened to do? Should I close my bank account and write them a letter demanding a debt verification letter or will this cause more problems? The company with the $150 loan already took $160 so I have paid that principal and the other company took $140 and I had already paid $140 before I closed my account. Would they be able to take me to court and cause me to lose my teaching license?

Sorry for the length...I'm just really worried about all this.

They lied to you. They cannot take your license or press criminal charges.

Call your bank or your card holder and cancel the card. Talk to a banker and tell them you were fraudulent forced to give your numbers out under duress.

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Debt is a civil matter not criminal.

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kfstaff24 kfstaff24

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With all due respect, a caller cannot keep you on the phone. You have a little button that will disconnect the call at your leisure. Do not let them put your job at risk, just hang up!! It will probably be necessary to let your Principal know about these harrassing call to assist in thier elimination.

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PDLOwner PDLOwner

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if it were true and they could suspend your license or have you arrested they probably would have done that before they sent it out to a 3rd party collection agency

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bastoops bastoops

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I really feel for you. These crooks have intimidated you and stole from you. I certainly hope you file a complaint with the FTC and your Attorney General's office.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Definately, I agree with Shazzers. You need to file those complaints pronto.
Here is what I would do if you get anymore calls like that. When they call, say "Please do not call me at work as I am not allowed to take personal calls." If they persist, ask for either an address/fax number where you can send them what is called a Cease and Desist letter, which is where you put into writing how they can contact you, either by letter, calling you on your cell/home phone, or email. Whatever works for you.
If they won't give it, then hang up. If they continue to call, just say "Please do not call me at work..." then hang up. No ifs ands or buts. They will get the message.
Then as others have said, file fraud charges against them, because you have been scammed. Good luck, and keep us posted.

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kscornell kscornell
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I have looked on the internet several places, I just dont know what to do, I have to many payday loans, I cant pay, they are bleeding me dry, please help

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What are the names of the PDLs and what state are you in?

Sub: #8 posted on Tue, 03/17/2009 - 03:08

nohiogal nohiogal

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I live in washington state, I have internet loans and store ones, I have been trying to pay them off, but I have too many, they tell me if I dont pay then they will charge me with a crime. I am so tired of all this. I cant get a loan because I got divorce and my credit is bad. I have tried everything,

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Hi Guest. You hang in there. I live in Kentucky and about 3 years ago I found myself with about 20 pdls. It was a trap I couldn't get out of. That's when I found this site. All the info on here is so refreshing. With the advice I got from this site. This is what I did.

Number 1. You need to tell us what state your in. Most payday loan companies are not licensed in the states they lend in. If they're not licensed in your state then you only need to pay them the principal amount you borrowered. Chances are you've already paid them this amount with all the roll over fees.

Number 2. They cannot criminal prosecute you in anyway. They try to tell you this because of the whole bounce check thing. Your licensed will not be suspended. I believe it's even against the law to tell you such things.

Number 3. Immediately contact the bank that you gave the account info on. Give them the name of the companies and tell them to not let any charges come through on these companies. You may even need to close the account and reopen a new one.

Hang in there. I know the stress your dealing with. If this was criminal most of us on here would be in jail.

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sassy_lil_brandy sassy_lil_brandy

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