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Has anyone ever dealt with Silver Cloud Financial or Mobiloans? I want to send them ACH revokation letters but I am nervous about it. I am in Mississippi and have heard from a previous post that these online companies aren't licensed here. I just do not know how they will respond.

Yes, both the lenders you have mentioned here are illegal. You do not need to worry about revoking ACH, it is well within your rights. Send a copy of the revocation letter to your bank and another to the lenders. Once ACH has been revoked, they will basically call you up and try to convince you with a lot of BS about how they are actually legal. Do not fall for any of it, stick to your guns repay only the principal amount, no fees or interest. If you have anything left to pay, use only a prepaid debit card or a money order.

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Steve Barris Steve Barris

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You DO not need to be nervous about asserting your rights when it comes to ACH revocation. You send send a copy to each PDL and then you hand deliver a copy of each revocaton to your branch manager. Follow the link in my signature line for full, detailed instructions on how to deal with your PDL's. And pay them by MONEY ORDER only...there is no reason for you to waste money loading fees onto a prepaid debit card.,

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Yes, it is true that online payday loan lenders are not legal in your state. Do what Steve has suggested. In addition to that, I would only advise you to put the account in the 'deposit only' status.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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Thanks for all the advice. I'm planning on sending the letters this week. My bank said that there was no such thing as a deposit only status with them. I am going to just close my account all together.

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