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Here is the list of PDLs, the amount borrowed from each, and the amount paid to each.

1) CMG Group: Borrowed 200; Paid 240
2) DJR Group: Borrowed 250; Paid 300
3) SSM Group: Borrowed 300; Paid 360
4) TJF Corp: Borrowed 300; Paid 360
5) Vince Enterprise: Borrowed 300; Paid 360

NOTE: These 5 accounts apparently were purchased by National Credit Adjusters. The total amount borrowed from these 5 PDLs is $1350. The total amount paid back on these 5 PDLs is $1650. NCA claims we owe a total of $2100 on these 5 PDLs. NCA has offered to deduct 25% ($525) from the $2100 if we make a one-time payment very soon. Do I pay the $1575 making our repaid total $3225 on a loan total of $1350?

6) Ameriloan: Borrowed 300; Paid 360
7) a2bcash: Borrowed 400; Paid 496
8 United Cash Loans: Borrowed 300; Paid 360
9) Eagle Finance: Borrowed 100; Paid 107.50
10) Payday Online: Borrowed 250; Paid 400 (My wife set up a payment plan with this PDL after they had already deducted $300 from her bank account. We have paid an additional $100 on the payment plan for a repaid total of $400. They claim we still owe $320. Do I continue to pay the agreed upon $50 every two weeks?

11) Impact Cash Payday Loans: Borrowed 300; **Paid 270 (three $90 payments: (6/6/08, 6/20/08, 7/3/08

12) Big Limited Loan: Borrowed 200; **Paid 70 (one payment: 6/20/08

13) Cash Supply: Borrowed 500; **Paid 300 (two $150 payments: 6/23/08, 7/3/08

**Amount listed as paid to each of the last 3 PDLs is the KNOWN amount. The TOTAL amount paid is questionable as there were some deductions from my wife's account that I could not match (with certainty) to these PDLs.
Here is that list of deductions, and my assertions:

a) Big ACH: $80 5/23/08, $75 6/6/08, $65 7/3/08. Looking past the common use of "Big" I assume these belong to Big Limited Loan - the 6/20/08 payment date missing here shows up under Big Limited Loan payment on bank statement as a $70 payment. If true: total paid to Big Limited Loan is $290.

b) IC Endless Summer Payday Loans: $90 5/23/08. Looking past the initials "IC" I assume this is Impact Cash. Loan received from Impact Cash on 5/6/08. First KNOWN payment on bank statement is 6/6/08, one month after loan was issued. The "IC" payment date of 5/23/08 fills in the missing 5/23/08 Impact Cash payment date and fits with the pay structure I see in all of the other PDLs. If true: total amount paid to Impact Cash Payday Loans is $360.

c) Payday Payments: $135.98 and $135.98 both on 5/23/08. I assume these belong to Cash Supply for the simple reason that there is nothing left to match them to. If true: total amount paid to Cash Supply is $571.96.

Any and all help on this matter is greatly appreciated. My wife signed up for only two PDLs and ended up with thirteen. We were separated at the time of these occurrences but have since reconciled. I want nothing more than to get these things out of my head. I can only imagine what she was going through for 2+ months on her own. How do we make people aware of the dangers of PDLs BEFORE they can wreck a person's sanity?

Also - my wife was threatened with fees of $15,000 and jail time if she did not fax an admission of fraud and her debit card information for $735, the amount she supposedly owes. I called the number (310-775-9069) and gave them a large and vocal piece of my mind. They left messages (three or more times a day) saying they are from United Legal Processing Division but did not and would not identify themselves when I called them. I was passed around to at least five different Indian-accented men within five minutes, each one more belligerent than the last. They hung up on me twice telling me that only God can help me now. Thanks to all those who posted their stories involving this number.

Wow, looks like you have your hands full. Well you have come to the right place, this site has tons of information and wonderful people who are here to help.
Here is another thread that may be of help, it talks about Wisconsin and also list the state laws. nsin.html

You can also click on the links in my signature below this post that will take you the state laws and the site to find if a company is licensed.

The company that is threatning your wife has threatned several members on this board and none of us have been taking to jail yet. Glad you got to read about them and realized they were full of crap.

Unfortuantly Wisconsin does not have a interest rate cap on PDL's which sucks. However the lender must be licensed.

Here is another thread that talks about Wisconsins Chapter 128 program. It's similar to Bankruptcy but does not have the same affect on your credit. Check it out. -chapter.html

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PinkLady PinkLady
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Can anyone tell me about National Credit Adjusters (NCA)? I am supposed to call them by 5:00 pm today to let them know how I want to pay them. Since my wife has already paid more than she borrowed to each of the 5 accounts that NCA has (see 1st entry at top of page), I'd like to tell them that they won't be getting any more money. Any ideas?

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firstwizard firstwizard

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Are the accounts with National Credit Adjusters internet PDL's. Did you check to see if they were licensed. Did you received any type of debt validation from NCA?
I just googled the company and all kinds of sites with complaints came up about them. I would defiantly file a complaint with the FTC and the Attorney General office in regards to them. From what I read on other sites they love to harrass people and use illegal scare tactics to try and collect money.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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NCA is a third party collector that apparently bought the 5 accounts (online PDLs) mentioned above. This is another company that answers their phone without identifying themselves. I not-so-nicely pointed out their lack of phone ettiquette. The "receptionist" claims they can't identify themselves because they are answering for three different companies. Whatever. The collector I spoke with was very cordial even offering the "debt reduction" I referred to above. I asked for the names of the original creditors. He was able to give me the names of five PDLs which matched some of those listed on my wife's bank statement. NCA also sent me paperwork via USPS which just so happened to arrive the day I was talking to Jason G. at NCA. I cannot deny the legitamacy of these accounts but I will deny further payments. In searching this site I believe I can associate CMG, SSM, and DJR with OSL Marketing - an illegal venture if I am understanding things clearly. TJF is another illegal PDL according to other posts on this site. It seems as though Vince Enterprise is one that nobody has much information about. My wife has paid more than she borrowed in principal to each of these five accounts. Their relationship with her is finished as far as I am concerned. If they want to continue they can deal with me.

She knowingly signed for two PDLs (she has so many now that she doesn't even remember which are the originals) and apparently the contracts stated that she would automatically receive more PDLs. If the new PDLs are from different lenders couldn't that be categorized as solicitation? She didn't seek them out, they found her - unless the contract stated the new PDLs would be from someone else.

Does anyone have information on these companies?
Eagle Finance (internet PDL)
Payday Online (internet PDL)

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Sorry, that was me. Was automatically logged off.

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firstwizard firstwizard

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