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Elastic and NCB Management Services

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Wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of Elastic and or NCB Management Servixes.

I stupidly took out the Elastic Line of Credit and had paid over $5,000.00 in fees in 2 years for a $3,500.00 line of credit. Recently I was not able to afford the payments anymore as because of this loan I've accumulated a bunch of debt. I feel like this loan should be illegal but because it is back by Republic Bank it's not.

Recently my loan was charged off to NCB Management and I've just started receiving calls from them. I cant afford to pay this and this is the only account I have that is delinquent. Does anyone know if NCB Management has a history of suing or has anyone else been in this situation. I was hoping I good just pay it off with my tax refund but not sure if I have that much time before they try and sue me for the debt.



Elastic is legal payday loan company. They are a member of FDIC. Haven't worked with NCB Management before. Wait for the other forum members to pitch in. They have a good BBB rating by the way.

My suggestion - Work out a repayment plan with NCB. Try to negotiate a settlement plan.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Has anyone heard if these debt buyers are able to violate state usury laws like Elastic is because its backed by Republic Bank? I've been trying to research the case Madden vs. Midland.

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Janice Murray Janice Murray

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Search on the Internet to get more information about it. However, to pay off your debt, you can request for a flexible repayment plan. Curb your expenses to make more debt payments.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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