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I received this email today but I’ve never taken a loan with Quick Payday. Could it be under another business name? I’m working w OVLG on my legal loans, but this email has me confused. Thanks!


This legal proceeding is issued on your Docket# with one of Quick Payday Company, concerning your account with Quick Payday Inc., which you took out from Quick Payday and failed to repay them back. It is to notify you that after making several calls on your phone number they were unable to get a hold of you. So now as on today's date, accounts department of Quick Payday has decided to mark this case as a flat refusal and has authorized us to press charges against you in court.

Plaintiff Quick Payday addresses the defendant to pay the sum of one thousand two hundred fifty which the plaintiff claims to be in respect of together with interest due thereon from the said date of repayment in full at such rate as the court may deem just. The whole as appears by Deed of Assignment in the plaintiff's favor and to pay the cost of the action.

Please note that commercial enterprises, banks, and other financial institutions, which in any manner, are involved in the lending of money or the granting of credit, have a legitimate interest in accessing the database. The preceding also applies to debt-collection agencies. Consequently, any of the information as mentioned earlier may be passed onto such parties and may, in the process, affect your credit rating.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if judgment and an order for repayment in full are obtained and remain unpaid, the following enforcement options are available and may be considered by our client.

1. Warrant of executions by bailiffs against goods owned.

2. Application for attachment of earnings orders with your present or future employer.

3. Request for a charging order on any property you may own or are purchasing under a mortgage. (Where the balance outstanding is of a sufficient level.)

In short, you will end by paying $ 8, 483.67 either by selling any of your assets or properties, along with you the other references that you used while making the transaction will also have to face the consequences.

We would emphasize that should judgment be entered against you this may affect any future credit application you may make elsewhere. We would also draw attention that all legal costs incurred in this situation are usually payable by the debtor.

The balance includes an administration cost of $ 1,310.78 which has been added to offset (some of) the expenses incurred by our client.

As we put your SSN into the National Checking Database System, we found that you have never been charged for any fraud activity hence I have personally evaluated your file, and with my experience, there is nothing here to suggest that this was done with any ill intent or malice.

Therefore, the nature of this notice is to determine whether there is a willingness on your part to resolve the matter voluntarily or if this is a flat refusal and a breach of verbal or written contract.


Forget this email and live your life. Focus on your legal payday loans.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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No issue, make payments on your legal payday loan only.

Sub: #2 posted on Tue, 10/31/2017 - 05:58

Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Ok, thanks! I just got worried, but the email address was an email address. I replied back requesting them to send me my contract, and haven't heard back. Thanks for the replies.

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Idiot Idiot

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