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I read some threads here last week and used one of the sample letters to send to 4 payday loan companies. I was getting multiple calls in a 3 day period, and literally, when I emailed the letter to all 4 companies, all calls stopped.

It has been two days without any calls. Does anyone have any comments on this? Should I expect calls or letters again soon? I live in Colorado and the PDL's were Ameriloan, 500FastCash, Zip 19 and also Western Sky which went to Cash Call.

I already overpaid 3 except Cash Call which I still owed a balance of 500 dollars, in principal. All 4 are not licensed in colorado and I stated that in my letter and sent Colorado PDL laws. I even offered to pay the 500 to Cash Call, but stated only with a Cashiers Check and said I would only communicate via email. But no emails or phone calls from any one in two days????

Comments or input from anyone?

You have done the right thing by sending them the letter. All of your lenders are illegal. You owe nothing more than the principal. Close down your old bank account and open a new one. You can’t do anything if they don’t return back your money, because it is fully depends on their discretion. Don’t worry, illegal lenders can’t do anything.

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Hopefully your bank account was secure before you sent out the letters - if not please proceed to bank today, give them copies of your ACH revocation letters. Them not calling means they got your letters, I am assuming that in them you stated contact to be made by email or mail only!

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yes, bank account was secure. My bank was very cooperative. And yes, in the letters that I sent to the PDL's, I did state that contact was to be made by email only. It has been a week with no emails or phone calls. Is this normal? Should I anticipate that any of these places will call again later down the road? And what about Western Sky/Cash Call. I still owe $500 in principle and stated in the letter to them to contact me via email on where to send a Cashier's Check. Haven't heard anything.

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swapfreedom swapfreedom

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Does anyone know how I should handle my credit report? Of the 4, Western Sky/Cash Call does report monthly on credit report. If they try to wreck my credit, should I contact the credit bureaus and if so, what should I do?

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