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I currently have three payday loans. I just can't

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I currently have three payday loans. I just can't seem to get them paid off. I do not want to default but what do I do? They just keep harassing me. I live in Florida but the loans are not in Florida. They were all on line. Please I need advise! Thanks, Desperate in Florida

I sent an email revoking ACH withdrawals. Then I went to bank and put a block on their ability to withdrawal funds from my account. Filed complaints with the BBB and two responded to accept payments made as payment in full. I’m not sure about payday loans in FL but your state regulates who can lend (that should be available on their consumer website) and the max amount charged. I would start there. I also sent a letter, that I found on this site, to each lender requesting a refund above principal paid. We shall see how that plays out. I had a total of 11 and was dying. I’m down to 2 who won’t play nice but my stress level is much better. I wish you best of luck and please keep us posted. Note the template letter is on the main page of the payday loan forum.


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Stonecoldmac Stonecoldmac

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State the name of the payday loan companies. Need to check if they are legal in the country. How much have you borrowed? The maximum amount you can borrow in Florida is $500. Not more than that. How much interest are they charging by the way? Even if the lenders are not in Florida, then need to follow the federal laws.

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Nick Jonas Nick Jonas

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Are they legal? If you don't know, then reveal the name here. WE can tell you about it.

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