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Can someone give me the email address and/or websites where I go to file BBB, FTC, and AG complaints for Oklahoma?

BBB = should be link to OK BBB

Remember Google is your friend

Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 08/14/2008 - 07:36

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How much information are you supposed to put in your complaint? I'm at the area where they are asking for additional information. Do I tell them how much I've paid and what I borrowed? Sorry, I've not ever filed a complaint before. The other pdls I had marked my account as PIF before I had to. My last one, Zip19, is not responding so I am filing the complaint now.

Sub: #2 posted on Thu, 08/14/2008 - 07:56

thlovely1 thlovely1

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tell them as much as possible, especially when filing with the ag, and ftc

Sub: #3 posted on Thu, 08/14/2008 - 08:17

danilewis82 danilewis82

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i flooded them with info.. none of it really helped too much but i think they were a bit scared of me reporting them to the FTC because i settled quickly.

Sub: #4 posted on Thu, 08/14/2008 - 12:51

bea2ls bea2ls
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The forms are usually pretty specific, but you need to add as much info as possible. If you put anything down that they can use against you, it won't do you any good. You also need to make sure that the BBB understands you're filing a complaint so they'll take action--otherwise they'll just file it as "information only".

Sub: #5 posted on Thu, 08/14/2008 - 13:12

cdollar cdollar

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also, if the company sends a reply to the BBB report, prepare for a debate. chances are, they'll play good and say they are fully legal, you signed a contract, etc. just hold your ground.

Sub: #6 posted on Thu, 08/14/2008 - 13:15

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