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So I closed my bank account...filed all the letter with the FTC, BBB and my AG. so I have gotten all but 2 loans taken care of. 247advances will only communicate via their website, i have to write them a "Help Ticket", they arent using any sort of threats, just told me that I will owe only $200 when I get a new bank account, but I have to give them my new account information. NOT GONNA they can just let the charges keep building, I have paid them over $900 on a $200 loan already....then there is BIG...who I hear is a nightmare to deal with. I stalled them for a few weeks saying I havent gotten a new account yet..they werent charging me any fees. They said I had until 9/5 to pay the balance with my new checking information. I got an email saying my payment was returned. but NO phone calls....seems weird..they arent going to just give up i am sure of it...from what I read about these people they are any suggestion on what to do next? oh and all of a sudden I have been getting phone calls and texts to take out new loans?? why would people call to give me money if i am currently " defaulted" on two loans?? Stupid people...I dont want more money...I'm never going through this again.

They are trying to get account info. From what i have heard they share info with each other. When they call you for your new account info, just tell them that you are unable to open a new one and that you need their address so you can send them a money order. If they won't accept that then tell them they will not get your money.

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puddlejmpr puddlejmpr
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BIG still havent started calling me, which worries me a little. They have no legal rights to do anything to me correct? Do you think they are looking for my new account information? I'm just a little freaked out that they havent started calling yet...seems weird to me...I wonder what they are up to??

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justjewels227 justjewels227

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:twisted: they are planning something. just do not give them your new account #

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wssu92 wssu92

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PLEASE do not give any of these outfits your new account information or they'll go for every cent they can get. I even had some PDL's e-mail me that I was such a good customer that they were going to give me some EXTRA money and all I had to do was give them my new acct. information (yeah, right)

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Oh they arent getting any additional information from one is. I keep getting those emails as well as texts a phone calls. I'm just trying to figure out what BIG is up phone calls or emails from them yet??? Weird....

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justjewels227 justjewels227

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