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I am so lost I have 2 online loans out and the internet is saying 1 loan at a time which I did not know. Some law guy called me and said that I am getting charged with check fraud and will have a warrant for my arrest but I am current with both loan places. They said it was a SCAM call to try and scare me. Also that my bank would be frozen. Please help can I get in trouble with the law for having 2 loans out online. But I am paying on them

Please register with the forum...what state are you in?, names of lenders?, amount you have borrowed?, and the amount you have paid back so far? Answer these and we can help you further!!

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bingonut bingonut

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I don’t think you will get in trouble for having 2 loans out online. They are telling a lie. Don’t rely on their words. Debts are civil case, not a criminal offense. So you can’t get arrested for that. Don’t share any personal information with them.

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How do . U register for forum

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@Ashley - here is the thread on how to register - o-register.html

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