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Hello All,

I recently posted in the forum regarding 7 payday/installment loans that I have.

After doing research in the forums, I have decided to handle this on my own. Thank you! With that being said. I need a little guidance with Great Plains Lending. I do realize that they are illegal in Tennessee. I wish I had known this a long time ago. I currently have a loan in the amount of $3000. I have paid $1592.14. I am ashamed to admit that I have borrowed from them several times in the past.

4/14/13 - $800 - (Paid $2456.39)
8/14/15 - $100 - (Paid $104.93)
9/2/15 - $200 - (Paid $406.36)
2/30/16- $500 - (Paid $1117.98)
7/12/16- $600 - (Paid $1381.92)

So I have overpaid $3267.58. Should I offer to pay the remainder of the principle of this current loan when I have overpaid this much already? I am just trying to sort this all out. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

I would email them revoking your ACH and copy the letter that is here for illegal lenders. I just did it with Plain Green and was paying them $211 every two weeks and am now only paying the principal at $100 every two weeks. every little bit helps to get me out of this nightmare. Can I ask if you have done anything with CashNetUSA? I have them next and they are legal as is Check n Go so I know this is a different process.

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If it's an illegal pdl, you're just supposed to pay the principal amount, nothing more. You can ask for a refund but there are higher chances that you won't get back the amount you overpaid.

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You have already paid so much. So, don't pay a penny anymore.

Don't expect a refund from them. If the lender asks you for money, then make a complaint again then to your State's General Attorney.

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sanderspatricia29 sanderspatricia29

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I have decided to close my account to protect myself from the illegal lenders, and give myself control of my money again. I plan to call CashNetUSA tomorrow and see if we can work out a payment arrangement. I will then offer to make payments via prepaid card or money order. I will let you know how it goes.

UPDATE: I sent an email to Great Plains, and I haven't received a reply. My next payment wasn't due until 6/16, but I checked my online account and now it's listed as past due. They want me to call. This will be interesting!

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Thank you! I am interested in what happens with CashNet USA. I am a bit afraid of them as they are legal and their collection tactics are horrible. I would also like to work out a payment plan with them. I am currently paying $210 every two weeks and could do $100 for a few months and then kick it back up or pay them off. I can not wait to end this nightmare. Any update would be so appreciated. Thanks!

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Update Great Plains:

I sent the revoke ACH letter to Great Plains again after they sent an email informing me that my account was past due. I have tried logging in to my account, and it says my login information is invalid. I've even tried resetting the password. I will not be sure that I am done with them until I receive a paid in full letter. Has anyone had this problem?

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After they received my letter they shut my account down. I couldn't get in at all. I received an email from them shortly after saying they would accept my payment of 100 in money order.

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- Idiot
Okay hopefully the end is near. I just received an email stating that they have blocked my contact numbers and email from their system to prevent agents of Great Plains from contacting me. They say additional research is required to address my concern. I'm just ready for it to all be over. I wish I had known this information a long time ago!

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Yes I received that same email. Oh I do too. This is quite a learning experience.

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Update CashNet USA: I called customer service today, and they couldn't offer me a payment arrangement. Since they are a legal lender, I just gave them my updated bank information and will try to get them paid down as fast as I can. If circumstances change, I will revoke ACH and EFT which is legal and I reviewed it in my contract. From there I will make payments via prepaid card or mail in money orders. I hope that your experience is better.

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