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Anyone Ever Heard About 100 Day Loans

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I have had a person ask me recently and when I search the internet they have written stories about themselves on different sites which makes them look good of course! It sounds like a good alternative to a PDL for someone with an emergency but who knows for sure?

I've not heard of them, although I was reading an article the other day about pdl alternatives, I think I posted the article in the payday loan news forum. I am curious to hear more about this though.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Yes, I've heard of those 100 pdl's. Depending on what state you live in, it's no better than any other payday loan! I live in Ohio, some of those 100 day pdl's don't offer loans in my state; I'm not sure why, but we do have FBD (Federal Bank of Delaware). Whenever I click on those 100 day pdl's I get deverted to them. I've already got myself in trouble with pdl's. FBD is no different. They will loan you the money you need and you do have a 100 days or less to pay it off; The thing is... You still make payday payments like you would any other payday lender. The only difference is, they spread out those enormous fees over the 100 days! The payments are smaller, but you still pay the same amount of fees, if not more, if you don't pay the loan off, before the 100 days or whatever amount of time frame it takes you to pay them off. That's where they trap you! The payments seem more managable, because they are not taking your entire paycheck. You will still pay the enormous fees and interest, which is compounded daily, depending on how long it takes you to pay off the loan! I hope this helps...

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Sorry I meant First Bank of Delaware, when I was referring to FBD..

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Thanks for the info! I figured there was a trap involved! It does not surprise me also that the one you are talking about is based in Delaware! That is where most PDLs have mail drops! Lax laws there!

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