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Running out of time

Submitted by Tyson Olsen on Sat, 10/30/2021 - 10:31
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Long story short life had some unexpected bumps and I ended up getting buried in a 38k in debt. It's a combination of installment loans, online lines of credit, payday type loans, and credit cards. I had no idea what I was doing at the time and can't say I know much more now. I attached a pic of what it generally looks like. My income isn't terrible as I take home about 5200/month, but this has gotten out of hand and I am past due on all of them (around 60 days I think) so of course my phone is going off the hook which I could care less about, but I am hoping that maybe someone here might be able to educate me here a little bit as to what my options are.

I do not qualify for bankruptcy and would prefer to avoid that route to begin with and debt settlement does not sound very convincing from what I have read on it. I have been in touch with a few debt management companies about enrolling in a debt payment plan which so far seems to be my best route (another thing I know nothing about).

Out of all the companies I spoke to Money Management Inc. seems to be the only one that can actually help with ALL of my accounts, but also be able to make it the most affordable.

Just on another note one of the accounts "CashCo" has been the only one to serve me with papers so far and that came after I wrote an email to their Senior Vice President after discovering that the manager of the branch had lied to me about an insurance policy on the loan telling me that it was required to get the loan and I could not have the money without it and later discovered not only was a complete lie but it was actually a life insurance policy on me that paid out to CashCo. During my application process in their office I declined to share my work phone number to which the manager said that the number is only used for verification purposes and that nobody would ever for ANY reason call there. In less than 30 days she had called my place of work multiple times and the one time I actually did speak to here from there I told her she was not allowed to call me there to which she replied "I can call my clients anytime and anywhere I want"

I have filed complaints with the Attorney General, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and Better Business Bureau against CashCo.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. If there is any type of expert or someone with any more knowledge than me (not hard to be) with DMP that might look over the one I am considering would be very helpful too.

Thank you for your time.

My apologies for the late response now. I never got any notification or saw one about your reply. Here is what's new..

I emailed letters of demand to all creditors generally stating this:

"Dear Lender, It has come to my attention that you are not licensed to do business in the State of Oregon. Therefore, the loan contract that I have with you, according to my state's laws, is not enforceable and after consulting with an attorney that does and will override your tribal law in the state of Oregon. Although I am not obligated to pay back an illegal loan and by law I am not not required to do so, I am willing to repay the principal balance of the loan. To date, I have received $300. I am willing to repay the $300 balance in the form of a prepaid debit debit card in 36 equal payments in the amount of $25 by the 30th of each month beginning December of 2021 under the following circumstances:
1. Any and all negative updates your company has made involving my credit report, vantage score/report, payment history, and the like are to be removed immediately.
2. My account status is to be changed to current immediately.
3. All collections phone calls and actions by your company and on behalf of your company cease immediately.
4. All of my information is to be removed from any soliciting market and/or any organization you have shared it with regardless if a profit was made or not.
At this time I am revoking ACH authorization, debit card authorization, and any other payment authorizations of the like involving myself and your company. You are no longer authorized to withdraw payments from my checking account. I am also revoking any wage assignment I may have signed. I have given a copy of these revocations to both my bank and my employer. Any future attempts to collect funds in this manner will be blocked. Please contact me by email to set up payment arrangements as outlined above.

Cashco has agreed to the terms I offered which is to to pay back the original principal only at 0% interest at $128/mo for 36 months and to remove the case they filed in small claims as well as not only remove all negative reports they put on my credit report, but actually change them all to show that I have made every payment on time.
Skytrail Cash replied to my demand letter and agreed to do the same, but I have recently learned that skytrail cash, uprova, and arrow funding are all tribal lenders acting illegally in of now they have never reported a thing on my credit and have not contacted me or tried to remove payment from my account after I sent the demand letter revoking their right to.

I keep reading mixed things about tribal lenders and am even more confused lol. Can I actually get away with just ignoring them from here on out ?

I have no idea what to do about NetCredit .. even if I were to move forward with the debt management plan Netcredit won't allow it and they are backed by Republic Bank I found out which apparently lenders are allowed to charge you any interest they want if they are a federal bank.. wtf ?

I think the best move I have right now is to

Forget about Skytrail, Uprova, and ArrowFunding and hope nothing happens.
Fulfill My agreement with Cashco
Try to make arrangements with the following:

JPMorgan Chase
American First Finance (Finwise Bank)
OneMain Financial

Any experience or knowledge that might help before I do so ?

I appreciate your time!

Submitted by Tyson Olsen on Wed, 12/08/2021 - 21:24

Tyson Olsen

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Welcome to the forums!!!
Thank you for posting the question!!!
I have gone through the attached document.
Cash Co has obviously has cheated you. You have done the right thing by filing a complaint with the CFPB.
Skytrailcash is not a legal lender. I am sure you have not been told about this. Most debt management companies don't reveal the actual fact. Rest of your credit cards and unsecured loans can be taken care of.

Get a free counseling session first before enrolling in a debt management program. Call at our toll free number - 800-DEBT-913 to get a free debt advice from an expert. The expert can tell you if you should negotiate on your own or do you really need to enroll in a DMP.

Have you checked if the legal papers sent by Cash Co are genuine?

Submitted by David Martin on Sun, 10/31/2021 - 23:12

David Martin

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